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Video Transcript: So what I want to go through in this session is tell you how Google works, explain the whole concept to you. Then break it down as to what it is you need to do make sure that you get your website coming up. You’re in the fortunate position with a lot of your businesses obviously being local in Toowoomba, I don’t know how many businesses are out there doing hard core SEO which makes it a great opportunity for you, very low hanging fruit to get some quick and easy rankings and potentially take all of that business away from your competition. As you saw, it’s what everybody is doing. They’re using the web to find those products and services. So let’s understand the way that Google works. So the first thing is, it’s really just one big popularity contest. The way that Google’s algorithm was actually created, it’s based on the idea that research reports gain weight within a community. So when someone writes a research report, what gives that research report any more weight than the five hundred other thousand reports out there? It’s once people start to reference this research report in their research report. It’s like when someone might be doing a research report on something to do with the body, since that seems to be the theme for today, fitness or something like that. They might say: As seen in studies also done by xyz and they might refer to someone else’s study. Once that study starts to get referenced a few times, that study now is considered more important because everybody else is using it as a benchmark and saying, oh, just as this person discovered, and that’s what gives it weight. So that’s the way Google’s search engine algorithm, that’s at the core of the way the algorithm works. We need to find out ways that we can make sure that we get other people referencing our research report, just replace that term with ‘website’, referencing our website on their website. That’s how your website will gain popularity and start to move up in the search engines. As I talked about, it’s one big popularity contest. So let’s say that I wanted to become more popular. I could go out on the streets and say, I’m awesome, I’m the best person in the world, look at me blah, blah, blah and I’d be just some crazy fool. To actually gain popularity it’s when I get other people to start to say, oh, Dave is cool. Now there are different types of people who could say I’m cool. You’d get old man Joe there down the road who no one knows from a bar of soap and lives in a shack at the end of Toowoomba in some little shanty. He can say, yes, Dave’s cool or maybe replace that with a photo of my Mum. My Mum will say I’m cool but she’s probably a little bit biased because she’s my Mum. I can get lots of these people saying that I’m cool but what is going to make me cool let’s say in the eyes of in the schoolyard, in the playground is if someone else says I’m cool who is already popular. So if you think now of someone like Brad Pitt, if Brad Pitt says that I’m cool, then his word is going to hold so much more weight than crazy old man Joe at the end of Toowoomba in that shanty little shack. So what makes Brad Pitt’s word worth more than old man Joe? Well Brad Pitt had a whole lot of other people who are cool saying he is cool. So if you imagine this is my website, bringing it back to websites, this is my website and the aim of the game, just like those research reports is making sure that we are getting people referencing our website on their website. So we’re getting links back to our website. But all links aren’t created equal. Some links are worth more than other links. What you’ll find is, links like let’s say this one, if this link has other websites around it, saying, yes, this website is important and all of them are referencing this website, now instantaneously this website now has more weight. In Google’s eyes it’s more important. So a link from this website could be worth ten times what a link from this website looks like. So we want to get a good variety of links back to our website. That’s really just what it comes down to, just making sure that we’re getting all of these links back to our website. I’ll show you how to do that but that’s at the crux of it. SEO doesn’t really need to be that complicated. Knowing how do search engines work is important if you want to make your website rank in the search results. If it’s still not clear to you, perhaps you need my internet marketing consultation service. Click here for more info.

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