Can you believe it, we’re in mid March already!

Now’s the perfect time to see how your 1st quarter goals are tracking. Are you on target? Is your website performing like it should? Is there anything you can do to squash out that last bit of profit for the quarter?

Also, you should be starting to think about how to set yourself up for success next quarter – stack the deck in your favour so to speak 🙂 If you need any help with that, just give me a yell. My one-on-one consultations are quickly becomming one of my most popular products and for good resaon.


I have an uncanny skill at breaking the complex into the simple and delivering a rock solid action plan. I know I’m biased but working with me will be one of the smartest things you’ll do 🙂

But I digress…

You’re probably keen to see all the news from the past week. Really, that’s what this weekly update is all about. Me spotting all the most important news with regards to online marketing for the small and medium sized business owner (you).

So, here’s what I spotted over the past week:

How Google Search Works {a good site from google to understand search}

Upcoming Penguin, Panda & Link Networks Updates {thanks Matt}

Backlink Analysis – Google Penalties Case Study {interesting}

Why You Should Give Some Of Your PPC Spend To A Conversion Optimizer {yup}

Posterous is closing {nuts, we’re looking to https://www.ifttt.com}

New First Stop For Hacked Site Recovery {are your sites safe?}

China’s real estate bubble {build a rock solid business and protect yourself from the economy}

Amanda Palmer the Art of asking {great TED talk}:

What Can A Winery In Bordeaux, France Teach You About Business {Dave’s travelling tip}

What Can You Learn From The SEO Method 3

And how about our news?

#1. Lots of new videos popping up on the www.youtube.com/theSEOmethod channel. Videos like:
– Don’t Focus Solely On Rankings:
– Do Keywords In Domain Names Still Work?
– Google Penguin Anchor Text Tips:

#2. We’re currently collecting SEO method 3 testimonials… so if you’ve got a copy (and you’re keen to check out an unreleased interview I did about the Content Contagion Method) send in your review and we’ll send you a link to the audio as my way of saying thanks.

And remember I always look after those who help out 🙂

#3. I’ve had a few prospects recently asking if SEO is right for their website (one of them was even a top Action International Coach). He was surprised to hear me say “I don’t think SEO is right for this business”… he actually commented how he couldn’t believe my integrity.

The fact is, most SEOs will take your money without regard to if SEO is going to work for you… but SEO (now more than ever) isn’t right for everyone. There are a few criteria you need to meet before you should even consider SEO.

Curious to know if you’re a good fit for SEO? Give me a call at 1300 662 979.

Your SEO coach,

Here’s a photo with me and one of my most recent consults. This guy’s super sharp (having an already successful business) and he came to me just looking for the few distinctions that will move him to the next level.

how Google search works

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