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Video Transcript: The way to do testimonials and you need to be collecting testimonials from your clients, whether they’re written, whether they’re audio, whether they’re video, testimonials should be at the crux of all business.

So for me, the way that I like to think about it, it’s before, during and after. So tell me about the story before you came to meet me, what were the problems that you were having, how were you struggling, where were you getting unstuck? So that’s all before. Then how did you come across me? How did you find me? Then during, how easy was I to work with? Did I answer all of your questions? Was it a pleasure to do business with me?

Then after, what type of results did you get? What did it mean to your business, would you recommend me to other people? So how were things before you came to us, how did you find us, why did you choose us, how is it working for you, what were the results? What did it mean to you, why would you recommend us and is there anything else that you would like to add?

So I know a few of you during the break, the first break, the lunch break did some testimonials with Adrian. He took you through that process. You might not have realized it, but it was almost like a before, during and an after. Why are we doing that? We’re wanting to tell the story so that the person who watches the testimonial connects with what you’re saying.

They’re going to sit there and they say, oh, I was in Amanda’s situation. I had a small business that wasn’t quite going the way I wanted. Then I had a friend Danny, he recommended that I go along to this workshop. When I got there I didn’t know what to expect.

Then this guy just got up unloaded on me for seven hours, all of this material until my brain started frying. I got so many good ideas in that one day that I could imagine if I just applied two of them into my business that I could start to see really good results. If you’re thinking about working with David Jenyns, what can I say? The guy knows his material inside and out. He’s extremely open, honest and transparent. He delivers the goods and I’d recommend him to anyone. You’d be crazy not to work with him, whether you’re going to get a course or whether you’re going to work with him.

That’s the type of testimonial that you want to get in your business. It all comes back to, you just need to deliver a good product or service. Everything that I’m talking about here, all pre assumes that you’re delivering value and delivering on what you promise.

So that’s about it on why and how you should get testimonials. If you want professional help with your online business, I suggest you take a look at my Internet marketing consulting service. Just click here.

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