Create your own product.

Are you a little tired of being told you should be working smarter not harder, without ever being told HOW to do that?

That ends here, because we show you below how developing an info product can unlock some of the secrets to working smarter – allowing you to get paid more for less work! Sounds good? Read on…

Become An Expert In Your Niche

If you are not an expert in your own niche yet, do everything you can to engineer yourself to that position. Know your own market inside out and keep learning and improving your knowledge. Blog, write articles, read up, discuss on social media sites and other people’s blogs and get people interested in what you’re doing and show them you are an authority.

Whatever your niche is, find out what people most want to know and go about discovering the answers. Interview the experts in your field and align yourself with them, never wasting any opportunity to promote your growing authority in your field.

Systemise Your Business

Your own business model needs to be documented and everything systemised, because this will allow you to step away from the day to day running of your business. Other people can then “plug in” to run the business as you want it to be run.

If you don’t take this step you will always be fighting fires in your own business instead of concentrating on how to “work smarter”; you’ll never have the time to put to creating your vision.

Step Into Info Product

Once you have stepped away from working too much “in” your business, you are ready to take the first steps into working “on” your business, creating an information product.

The idea is to create content that will give people valuable information and which can be used in multiple places for multiple purposes, at the same time as providing an additional revenue stream without it impacting your time.

Using your expert knowledge you have displayed on your blogs and in articles and interviews, you have probably gained some authority in your field already.

Recording A DVD Or Online Video

It’s time to record a seminar or workshop – don’t aim to make a profit from this in itself; breaking even will be fine; the main purpose is to provide content that can generate profits later.

Remember to gather testimonials from the workshop/seminar you have recorded. Most people who have attended and got value out of your seminar will willingly spare you a few moments to record a testimonial video which can be used to give your product credibility.

Marketing Your Info Product

You then have a product that you can package and sell on your website or even on an affiliate network. Launch the product and market it to your mailing list (which you have built up actively by opt-ins or other methods from the day you started your online business.)

As well as directly marketing to your mailing list, an info product can be chopped into snippets and used for YouTube videos – people who watch snippets on YouTube can be directed to your website where they can buy a copy of the whole DVD. The content can also be used as subjects for blog posts.

Here’s where you get your extra revenue stream. The only work you have done is in recording and marketing the product – yet you can be paid for as long as it’s on sale, without it taking any of your time. And you can squeeze every last drop of value from your content by using it in multiple places.

Don’t worry too much about the product quality because it’s the information that’s the most important factor and which will sell your video – if you have researched your subject matter correctly, that is.

We hope this has inspired you to go away, become an expert and make your own videos to sell! You can find more inspiration for your online business by watching the Competition Crusher workshop. Just click here for more info.

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