There is a perception out there that you need to update your homepage everyday to maintain rankings. Here at Melbourne SEO Services we don’t think that’s true. Read on to find out why.

One of the many sites we maintain is www.meta-formula.com which is an authority website on the Metastock niche, a sub niche of the stock market niche. Because we’ve been busy concentrating on other businesses, we haven’t updated this site for five or six years! At the very most, all we’ve done is some basic link building and perhaps added a few additional pages. That said, the homepage has remained unchanged all that time and yet its ranking position has stayed solid at position number 2, second only to the makers of the software.

So why do people think you need to update your homepage? I think it has developed out of the rise of popularity of blog websites, specifically WordPress blogs – so many of them rank incredibly well. As a result many SEOers have jumped to conclusions and believed that the reason for their good rankings is that the content is regularly updated. Unfortunately, SEO doesn’t happen in a vacuum and there’s a whole host of other factors at play here.

For example, adding regular content to a website is just a good idea because the more pages you have, the more opportunities there are for internal linking. This starts to build up the website’s page rank and link juice. Along a similar line, another reason blogs rank so well is that there is a lot of excellent internal links.

In short, the reasons blogs rank may be because their owners add regular content, creating new pages, and the fact that there’s a large amount of internal links. It is then not because of any changes to their homepage.

Anyway, these are my thoughts; it’s always a good idea to do your own testing .

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