I’ve been thinking. 2014’s almost here and do you know what I think is going to be your biggest challenge with Internet marketing in 2014?

Getting your message heard.

The fact is, everyone’s getting bombarded with more and more messages everyday. Whether it’s on your phone, tablet, desktop, TV, it’s only going to get worse in 2014. So how can you start to break above the noise?

There really is only one possible answer: You have to make your content and messages so good that they can’t ignore you – just like my emails 😉

Hear me loud and clear, to win in 2014 you must deliver delivering high quality content that meets the conversation that’s going on in the mind of your prospects and clients.

Quit looking for corners to cut and short term tactics. Start playing the long game and become an authority in your industry by putting out only the very best content you can.

In this way, you’ll have people stop and listen to your message. You’ll demonstrate leadership and you’ll attract more business. It’s our secret weapon and one that makes us an unstoppable force in perhaps one of the most competitive industries there is online, SEO.

Imagine applying these strategies in less competitive niches – it’s like taking a gun to a knife fight. Now here’s me leading by example: I scour the web looking at hundreds of news items to bring you only the very best and most important. Useful huh? So, here’s what I spotted this week:

SEO in 2014: How to Prepare for Google’s 2014 Algorithm Updates {good bits}

Low Hanging Fruit of Social Media {this is getting more and more important}

How to set up Google Authorship {do it already}

How many links on a page should we have? Is there a limit? {Worth thinking about}

50 Google Now Voice Commands {this is part of the future of search}

HP will enter 3D printing but not via acquisition {this is going to be a huge industry}

3D printer boom lures new wave of Japan entrepreneurs {the trend is rising}

The Tim Ferriss Experiment Premiere: Rock N’ Roll Drums {cool}

And how about our news.

#1. I’ve had loads of requests for round ups, interviews and guest posts. Here are a couple from this week.

The full story about how I sold them MCG for 24.95 {MP3 interview}

My best SEO link building tip for 2014 is here {guest post}

#2. We’re all booked up till 2014. With an increase in demand coming into Christmas (everybody wanting everything done before the 25th), we’ve reached capacity. If you’re keen to work with Melbourne SEO Services we’ll be starting your project in the new year. With the exception of a few more spots with Melbourne Video Production we’re booked solid!

You see, we’ve very conscious about delivering super high quality work and won’t compromise by taking on more work than we can handle. We’re already starting to book appointments for January too so best to reach out now otherwise we might not get to work together till February or March. Click here to contact our team.

#3. Our head office (and phones) are closed between the 24th of December through to the 13th of January. That said, the majority of the team will be working over the holidays on existing projects and client care. There may be a slightly longer delay in response time but feel confident we’ll get back to you shortly.

#4. We’re getting closer to that secret project I mentioned in my last email. I’ll half let the cat out of the bag, it’s full size Lego car powered by compressed air!! Here’s a sneak peek: www.bandt.com.au/news/digital/melbourne-s-sammartino-and-romanian-teen-create-ai

So what’s the lesson here? As a business owner you work hard and long hours, remember to always have your passion projects – they’re the spice of life.

Anyway, I better get back to my Christmas present shopping, I’m going to see if I can do it 100% online this year.

Your Online Marketing Mentor,


By the way, Adrian’s up in Sydney this weekend for the Tropfest finals – will he be crowned winner of the biggest short film festival in the world? The team at Melbourne Video Production hope so. Here’s a photo of him behind the scenes as they’re setting up a huge projection screen for the finalist films to be played in front of thousands of people. We’re lucky to have him as part of our team.

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