I got all the best bits in tech news for small/medium sized business owners and compiled it for you in this post. So if you are doing your own internet marketing for small business then you better check out these suggestions.

Here’s what I spotted this week:


Matt Cutts on penalties vs. algorithm updates {fantastic insight from Google}

World’s greatest SEO audit {the best I’ve seen}

Google places merges with Google plus pages {you need to be on top of this}

Google+ Local {the word right from the Google’s blog}

No-nonsense ways to build backlinks {some good ones Post Panda here}

You can’t run for office without a YouTube campaign {video is key to marketing now}

20 lessons from Michael Jordan {not tech, but useful}

Panda/Penguin Corner:
How to get back on track after Penguin {solid advice}

And what about us?

We’ll we’ve just about revamped all of our home study products – turning them 100% digital. We’re also about to release a whole bunch of great value reports.

Have you seen the AustralianInternetMarketing.com site? Well, we’ve turned that site into a downloadable report. It’s an internet marketing course you can try.

Get your SEO started here

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