The Key to an Upward Trend For Your Company

Get your business noticed by using videos.

Basically, humans are lazy, and would prefer to get their information lounging on a sofa in front of the TV than spend the time reading a newspaper or book. The internet follows this pattern and caters to our laziness through online video. Internet video marketing is considered a normal part of any website nowadays.

There are examples of hugely successful online videos which you may have seen. For example the Old Spice ads featuring the handsome man comparing himself favourably to ‘your man’ are said to have doubled the sales of this product. You don’t have to aim as high as this in terms of production, however, to get results.

Some may consider if you haven’t added video to your website, you are just plain lagging behind. It’s not simply a matter of keeping up, but the fact is, online video translates into more dollars in your pocket.

People won’t voluntarily do business with a faceless corporation. People want to do business with people, and this they can do when they see you or a trusted employee featured on your online video explaining the benefits of purchasing your goods and services.

Is This Just What Your Business Needs?
Online video is a cheap and effective means of advertising which is available to anybody with a camera and tripod. The research firm Forrester reports that businesses can double their chances of getting a high ranking in the search engines simply by placing a video on their website, rather than just by using text.

Right across the globe, people relax after their days’ work by taking in a few hours’ television. The ads that they see acquire a level of expertise and trustworthiness which is just accepted by the viewer. We have this perception of what we see on TV almost hardwired into our brains and this translates across to how online we see video.

You might have a landscaping business. If you can show examples of your team working at transforming a dull plot of ground to a garden of beauty over a period of weeks and months, this can become a powerful selling tool for your company. You might show some of the equipment you use, consultations with your customers and then the final result of the finished landscape, complete with flowering shrubs and trees.

Perhaps you have a product to sell, such as pottery vases. You could show how the vases complement the décor of a living room, how they can be used for beautiful floral displays. This would be far better than simply describing the vases in text or using still photographs.

A picture may be worth a thousand words. If so, a video expresses a whole novel. It can not only show your product or service in its best light, it can also increase the trust your potential customers feel towards you and what you have on offer.

Online video marketing allows you to portray your goods and services beautifully as well as allowing your personality to shine through. This has the added benefit of letting your potential customers bond with you through what you demonstrate in the video.

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