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Video Transcript: So you can see there, that’s the example I took you through for Garry Barnett. What do you need to make this happen to use video in your internet video production? It’s quite simple. Lights, usually I like to use three lights. If you want to go full ghetto style and make it as real as possible, just get a Handycam, use your iPhone. You can get little Flip cameras. You don’t have to make this hard. Using an iPHone, the video on the new iPhone 4 is sufficient. You’ll record really good video on that and then it’s very easy to upload it straight to YouTube.

You need lights, I’d say a camera. We use the Sony one. We also got a new one recently a digital SLR, Canon 60D. Ben, our other video guy, has used Flip equipment before. You can use anything.

Get yourself a tripod, tripods are important. It’s always good to spot the ones that have got spirit levels, that way you can make sure it is exactly even. Microphones, sound is really key. We struggled with that this morning, we were having some trouble because we wanted to make sure we had the best possible sound.

When it comes to video, even though people might think that the image is the most important, the sound is actually one of the most important things. If the sound isn’t quite right, it can be distracting. It’s going to be interesting to see how the sound for this goes. We’re just using a wireless Bluetooth mike.

When I’m in the studio for internet video production we use a mike that is floating around somewhere. It’s just a little lapel mike. You want to get the omni directional one which Ad is just bringing up now. It’s just one of these. It plugs straight into the camera and then I run this up through my shirt. I started appreciating sound a lot more than I ever used to. I used to think it was all about the picture but it really is all about the sound.

Then you just use something like iMovie or MovieMaker, iMovie if you’re on a Mac, MovieMaker if you’re on a PC. If you really don’t want to get in front of the camera because maybe you’re a little bit camera shy, you can either get a friend to do it, maybe someone in the office feels comfortable in front of it or you can just do screen capture style videos. We do a lot of that type of work in web video production. You can use ScreenFlow if you’re on a Mac or Camtasia if you’re on a PC. They’re just little screen recorded videos and they’ll record what is on screen.

So maybe you create a presentation in PowerPoint and then you just talk over the top of it and then that becomes your video that you can upload to YouTube. The real key is just to get started with video.

When it comes to using the lights, we use the three point lighting system. You’ll just usually have one on the right, one on the left and one behind you. I’ll give you these slides so you can have a look. The light behind you makes you pop out. The one off to the side and the other side just make sure that you’re evenly lit. That makes a difference. Sometimes I’ve seen photos on YouTube and it looks like the dude has a torch underneath his thing and he looks like he’s about to tell a ghost story or something like that. It doesn’t take much, you’ve just got to start to think about these types of things.

It doesn’t need to be perfect. At the moment it’s well above that. This particular slide I created a little while ago. There are over three hundred videos on my trading YouTube account. Then we’ve got over five hundred, I’ve only recently set up the Melbourne SEO Services one because I realized how big video is. We’ve already uploaded five hundred videos onto that.

It’s finding the balance between quality and quantity. It’s a little bit of a battle sometimes I have with Adrian and also Ben. They love video and they want to put out the best quality material and they’re all about making sure it looks absolutely amazing. Then on the flip side I’m also the business man who realizes we also have to pay wages and you don’t really get paid until the video gets up and people actually start watching it. So it’s finding that balance between the two.

I wanted to show you how bad my videos were because then that will give you some faith that you too can do videos. This one is in my bedroom. (video) I’m scratching my nose. I don’t want to watch it, it makes me cringe. That said though, let’s have a look, it’s got 17,000 views. The one that is on here, the bottom right hand corner, 36,000 views of this video of me in my bedroom where you can see I’ve got my little dresser in the background. It looks amazingly terrible but it just does the job.

So just get started in your internet video production and then you can improve over time. With everything online, the first time you put it up, it’s the worst it’s ever going to be and just make slow, incremental gains, that’s is the real key. A lot of people never get started because they want it to be perfect before they get started. So they never end up doing anything. The best thing that you can do, that’s a real key lesson is just making sure, just get started. Get it into play and then improve it as you go.

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