“Is my Google website ranking accurate?” is a question on the lips of many website owners. With the dance of the search engines (rankings bounce up and down all the time) well established, how can you be sure exactly where you are consistently ranking?

One other thing to be noted is whether you are logged into your Google account. See the thing is Google stores your search data as long as you’re logged into your gmail account. If you click on your own site to see the latest activity a lot of the time, chances are your site will feature higher up in the rankings. Let me illustrate as ever with an example and a few pics.

When I’m not an SEO consultant I also run a cricket website called World Cricket Watch that is attempting to rank for the phrase “world cricket“.  If I’m logged into my gmail account the SERPs look as follows…

Logged in

For a hyper competitive phrase such as “world cricket” the site sits at number 3.

But notice I’m signed in.

So to get the truest reflection of your Google website ranking, click the sign out button and test out your ranking again…

Logged out

You’ll see the site is still on the frontpage but finds itself in 8th position.

Search engine rankings will always fluctuate. A great way to get the truest reflection of your Google website ranking is to sign out of your Google account. But checking rankings is a very tedious undertaking, especially if you have a large e-commerce style site. There has to be a better way surely?

You’ll be pleased to hear there is indeed a better way. It comes in the form of Market Samurai. You can load all your keywords into market Samurai once and then whenever you have the need to check your rankings simply click a button and they’ll automatically generate. Furthermore, you can do much much more with Market Samurai. Keyword research, SEO competition and ranking checkers are just for starters. You can also track your backlinks and discover where you need to concentrate your energy to continually grow your web business.

2 takeouts from this are to sign out of your google account for truer rankings. And secondly if you have a big website it might be worth investing in one of the best SEO tools around – Market Samurai.

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