I’m curious, have you heard of the brand Key Person of Influence? It’s been bouncing on and off my radar for a while now. I’ve had a consulting client go through their program and a few friends/colleagues speak at their events. Their “core message” looks solid but I’m still doing my research.

Coincidently, we (Melbourne Video Production) have been asked to record their next series of Brand Accelerator workshops around Australia. I’m personally attending the Melbourne (and perhaps Sydney) events so I’ll know more soon. I wanted to mention, in case you’re going, please come up and say “hi”.

Now that I think about it, I have a few opportunities where we might be able to catch up if you’re keen? I’m speaking at the following events:

  • Andrew Griffiths Presenting Skills Workshop (next week)
  • Government Communications Australia awards night (next month)
  • Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint (in April)

If you’re at any of these, including the KPI ones, come up and say “hi”. As I mentioned late last year, I’m keen to catch up more – I’m here to help.

Now in the interest of helping you… Here’s what I spotted this week for you:

Google Authorship Shake up. {you must start building your profile now!}

The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO {have you levelled up?}

Guest Blogging is Dead… Are We All Screwed? {I’m not so sure}

Can ‘Developed By’ Links Hurt Your SEO? {interesting}

Matt Cutts: We Don’t Use Twitter Or Facebook Social Signals To Rank Pages

Google: You Stopped Ranking For Maternity Jeans Because You Spammed Us

Local SEO Scam Of The Month: Craigslist SEO {don’t cut corners}

Old Spice Show What Social Buzz Is All About {they’re good}

Jordan Belfort – The Wolf of Wall Street Interview {insightful}

And how about our news?

1. Apart from the few speaking gigs coming up, I’ve been asked to speak on a few podcasts and webinars. Here are a few of the direct downloads.

Podcast on SEO: www.businesscreatorsradioshow.com/seo-david-jenyns
Webinar on outsourcing: http://scottbywater.com/outsource-to-the-philippines/

2. Looks like our new Authority Domination pack is a hit. Have you seen the video about it yet? That’s a marketing lesson in itself 😀

3. We publicly released our current online methodology. See how we work with clients and lead by example: www.melbourneseoservices.com/seo-process

Anyway, it’s Sunday morning, I should be packing (we’re moving house next weekend) so I’ll catch you soon.

Dave from Melbourne SEO Services

We created a cool infographic about the life size Lego car. I’ve attached it below, what do you think? Pretty cool huh?

life size Lego car

Try SEO quote calculator

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