Repeating one thing too often just ain’t good.

Don’t focus on keyword density because it definitely shouldn’t be a priority. Five or six years ago, people would pick a keyword and aim for 1%, 2% or 3% density. With 2% or 3%, the keyword would be all over the place and didn’t look natural.

As years passed, Google has gotten smarter and keyword stuffing doesn’t quite work the way it used to. In SEO today, the aim of the game is to replicate what happens in nature – that is to say, if it doesn’t look natural, don’t do it!

Of course doing on page optimization is a good place to start. Choose one keyword phrase per page; put it in the title and meta description and on the page two or three times. If you’re writing on topic, this will happen naturally. You don’t need to force the keyword in there.

With all that said and done, you can still rank for a keyword phrase even if you don’t have the on page optimization correct. We’ve proven this many times! As long as you have enough back links to the page you’re trying to rank for with the right anchor text, you’re going to rank anyway.

In short, don’t focus on SEO keyword density; that idea is old fashioned. You better wise up or someone like us will take your #1 ranking 😉

Okay,okay, we’re not that mean, if you follow our stuff, we’ll show you how we do it. Be sure to download our free report – The SEO Manifesto!

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