Video Transcript: The fact is you can rank for any keyword that you like. It just comes down to building enough back links and proving to Google that you should be in that number 1 spot.

Make sure you have a good return on investment. It’s not worthwhile me trying to go after something like credit cards if I’m trying to sell a $17 ebook. It might cost me $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 in building back links to try and rank number 1 for that position. I might finally get that position, number 1 and I could get a whole boat load of traffic, but when that traffic gets there if I’ve only got them a $17 ebook to sell, it’s not going to repay me the millions of dollars I spent in back link building.

That’s why you’ll find certain niches are more competitive than others. You look at something like mortgages where there is a lot of money, or credit cards or things like that, there is a lot of money.

You’ve got these big financial institutions which have a lot to gain from that number 1 position. They get number 1 and then they get someone on a credit card payment, it could potentially mean thousands and thousands of dollars for them. So now because a client is worth so much to them, they can spend a lot of money building those back links and getting popular because they know they’re going to be able to monetize it.

So really when it comes down to link building, you just need to, and we’ll talk about it a little bit with keyword research and making sure that we’re targeting the right keywords, we want to make sure that we’re targeting the right keywords, we want to see what the competition is like and then we want to start targeting those keywords that are going to get us the quick easy wins first. Over time we can go for those more competitive phrases. That’s pretty much SEO in a nutshell at the core of it. Really this is at the core of everything when it comes to marketing online.

The first thing that you need to do and it’s almost going back to what we were talking about when I was saying about first, understand who your avatar is, understand who your market is. Once you understand your market, then you can figure out what products you can sell them.

In the online space, the first step needs to be, when you understand your avatar, it all starts with keywords. You need to know what keywords you’re targeting. You want to make sure that you’re going after the people who are looking to buy your products and services. We can target, as the example says there, something like camera. We can go after the keyword camera and we might get a whole lot of traffic on the word camera. It’s going to be very competitive because usually the shorter the keyword phrase, single word and two word phrases are going to be a lot more competition. People see it and they say, oh, there are lot more people searching for the word camera. So I want to be in front of it. But they’re not necessarily as highly qualified in your online marketing efforts.

If I’m just searching camera, maybe I’m doing a school project, maybe I’m just doing my initial research, maybe I’m just getting started, it’s very general traffic. The type of traffic you want to start off targeting is going to be the more specific, model number type material. So I’ve got there Sony Handycam HDR s11. That was one of our old cameras I think, that’s that camera right there. Someone who is searching that phrase is going to be so much more qualified. If I’m looking for that, I’m a buyer, I’m ready to go, I know what I want. Chances are I’m looking for the best price and the best product.

So you need to do keyword targeting right. You just need to make sure you’re targeting the right people, otherwise you’re not going to get the result that you want. You want a hungry crowd who is ready to buy your material. You don’t want just browsers who are just getting started.

Similarly in the local space, this is when you want to start to introduce geographic terms and this is where we started to absolutely kill it for local businesses using effective online marketing solutions. In the stock market niche, and I’ll show you some of the rankings and things that we’ve got for some of the more competitive phrases at the end of this presentation. For the geographic terms you can rank quite easily because the competition just isn’t there and they’re ready to buy.

Do I want to go for dentist, or South Yarra dentist or dentist Toowoomba, they’re the types of keyword research phrases you want. Initially when we first started doing SEO for those clients, because we thought to ourselves, in the stock market space you’re dealing with keyword phrases that might get thousands of uniques every month for certain terms. I thought that’s what you needed to move and to really make a difference in a business. But for local business, when we first got started one of our early clients, I remember we something like doubled or tripled his traffic but he didn’t have a huge amount of traffic to start with. We might have got him an extra five visits a day or something like that.

For him, we thought, oh, maybe this is a little bit more difficult than we thought, but for him it actually ended up being, we were surprised, he was blown away. He said, I’m getting five new hot ready qualified leads that are ready to go and his phone has just started to ring and ring. We only increased the traffic a little bit but because we were targeting the right people. those people ended up picking up the phone and placing that order.

So you need to get in the mind of the searcher. This is the same, regardless of what content you’re creating online, whether it’s on YouTube, whether it’s creating pages for you blog, it’s all about getting into the mind of the user. What is it that they’re searching just before they find you? That’s another good one. Think about where they are in the buying cycle and what happens just before they find you. You want to think about the keywords that they would be searching at that point and that’s where you want to meet them.

You find out those set of keywords and then we put them on your website in the right places. We do some link building following the tips I share in my internet marketing articles, Bob’s you uncle, you’ll start ranking, you’ll get the traffic and then your business will go completely crazy.

So that’s about it on how to do the right keyword targeting research for your business websites. If you want professional help with your online business, I suggest you take a look at my Internet marketing consulting service. Just click here.

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