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Video Transcript: In fact I’ll just take a quick look at freetradingsystems.org. Let me just come to Google and we’ll just type in trading systems. As you can imagine, it’s a very competitive phrase, there we are position number 1. So I will have a look at, let’s just look at the home page since we’re here. I’m going to go view, page source. Actually there are few different things we can learn from this. The first thing to learn in landing page SEO, see this title here? This is why the title is important and why you want to learn copywriting. The title you put on your page is what appears in the search engines. So I’ve got, download your free trading system here.

Think about putting your mind into the body of that avatar. I’m searching trading systems. First result that comes up, download your free trading system here, that talks to me. Of course I want to download my free trading systems here, I was just looking for trading systems. So you really want to get into the mind of the person.

Then here, looking for free trading systems? Discover our process for designing profitable trading systems no matter what you like to trade. You can download our free…… So you can see here the keyword, trading systems is in the title tag. The keyword is in the meta description here, that’s the text underneath, trading systems it’s in there once, it’s in there twice. It’s over there. So that’s why you need to write those meta descriptions really, craft them well. They’re selling your website before someone even lands on your website, so you want to make sure that you make it as enticing for the person to want to click that link as possible.

Then once they actually visit the website, and we’ll just go view, page source. This is why I talked about title tag, that’s just the title there. Now this is something again for your SEO person to have a look at or your web designer. So you put your keyword in there. The next one I’m going to have a look at, so you’ve got your meta description just up here. That’s that sentence that I was just talking about right there. So you want to make sure that those are done correctly.

Then when you actually land on the page it’s a good idea to make sure and I hope it’s in here, trading systems or system. So you can see here, so it’s mentioned in the copy, it’s bolded there, it’s mentioned a few times throughout the page down there. So it’s mentioned four times on that page, five times because it’s up there as well. So that’s it. It doesn’t need to be any more difficult than that.

Figure out what those keywords are, put them in the right places, I gave you the little formula there. You do it once and then your on page optimization is the first step. Like I said, there are two components, there is on page optimization and then there is off page optimization.

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