Another week is almost over but that does not mean it’s time to stop learning some new things for our business. I have listed below some of the cool stuff I’ve found around the web that could help you and your small biz.

Let’s get to it… here’s what I spotted:

Legitimate link building strategies {some good ones here – you don’t need them all}

No follow links are a small percentage of links on the web {build all types of quality links}

Sale of business stumps baby boomers {great opportunities for entrepreneurs}

Movies and TV shows now available for purchase on YouTube {leading indicator}

Jerry Seinfeld web series {the quality of “made for web” video is rising}

Microsoft buys Yammer {social media is now critical to your online marketing}

Hollywood embraces social media {powerful when used correctly}

PR tips for small biz {you should proactively do PR}

SEO Press releases are dominating right now {get yours}

Are you into free marketing courses? Visit that link.

Ps. With some of the feedback from our YouTube Vs TV video, we decided to make a family friendly version – watch the recut here:

Get your SEO started here

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