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Linkvana is on our list of tools in the SEO Method 2.0. Read below to find out why it’s part of our link building strategy.

Anyone who owns a website wants to get as many quality links to their site as possible. We have discovered a link building site here at Melbourne SEO Services which will do just that. It is called Linkvana and this service can help you garner many quality, one-way inbound links.


Linkvana lets you submit 100 word posts or more.

With Linkvana, you simply create small snippets or posts of one hundred words which are then syndicated to one of the blogs in their network. You get one link inside that blurb, you cannot do any article spinning. Every blog has a healthy page rank; most of their sites are between a PR2 and PR5. They have lots of link popularity – the blogs have thousands of inbound links coming into them and they have domain age. None of their sites are new and many are over six years old. Your blurbs are going to high quality blogs, not spam blogs.

To write a very small article of one hundred words is quick and easy to do. You can write these small articles yourself or you can use Linkvana’s outsourcing option. Their English speaking writers will create posts for you based around your keywords and with your links embedded. You get a lot of diversification in the domains that they’re going to which is very beneficial from a link building perspective. You are also able to set up your posting frequency by scheduling your links over time for natural link building.

The links are one hundred percent permanent; Linkvana will never take them down and there is no limit to the number of backlinks you can receive. You can also see at a glance the status of your sites, because they list the page rank, number of pages indexed and the number of backlinks to your domain. With this information, you can quickly see where your sites need some attention SEO wise.

Linkvana has been around longer than a lot of link building services and thus provides a better network through its larger number of aged, high PR sites.

Any questions you may have about the service are answered promptly and professionally by Linkvana’s support team. They welcome suggestions and try to integrate features suggested by users if these will enhance the service.

Your only obligation to Linkvana is to make sure your site is a quality, whitehat site and the posts you write to obtain backlinks are unique, handwritten content. In this way Linkvana are able to keep their network free from anything that could be seen as negative by the search engines, which in turn is a benefit to you, the user.

When used in conjunction with other link building methods, Linkvana is a powerful and effective tool, as we have found at Melbourne SEO Services. Why not give them a try by following the link below?


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