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Video Transcript: Start with a list building system from day one, that’s another hot tip. A lot of people don’t build from day one. You should be building a data base. Get yourself Aweber, get some sort of name capture form. It’s important that you start to build the list from day one because then you can continue to market them. Head over to Melbourne SEO Services, the top right hand corner, it says ‘Download you free e book.’ Click. On the home page, there is video at the top, there are bullet points to hook them and draw them in. Underneath that then I tell them what to do. ‘Enter your name and details to download the free report.’ I’m building a list and I did that from day one.

No matter what it is that you’re doing, if you can build a list, that is a really good idea. Think about how to attract someone into build that list though. We were doing some work with Ryan, Ryan’s got a site that he’s working on and it was to do with Bright, Victoria and the high country.

We decided that we were going to try and have a list building system from day one. At first, we thought, hey, should we build a newsletter? The idea was to get tips on where to stay and what to eat and what to do when you’re in Bright. Then we thought, no, thinking about that user, what is the user doing? The chances of someone going to visit Bright, it’s not like they want weekly updates on what it is that you’re doing. Ryan might really like Bright, but a lot of other people might not necessarily want to be doing that. They’re visiting for the weekend and they want a quick fix, solve it now kind of situation.

We changed it to make it five places or five walking tracks that you must visit when you’re in Bright. That’s like that instant talking to the person rather than going for that tips and tricks. So start building a list from day one and proof in what you say. That’s what I do on davidjenyns.com, I’ve got the story on the About Us page. I do a lot of testimonials and a lot of logos where I can.

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