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Automated social media interaction can go either one of two ways. There are those of us who can’t get enough of social media, we like to tell our story every day, and a little bit more, and at the same time share our content that we have created with our potential visitors. There are those of us who also like to simply automate the entire process, who simply don’t want to deal with that aspect of marketing our site or product.

The truth is that a major part of creating a persona online is to be that persona. This doesn’t mean that you automate everything and sit back and watch the money roll in, because that never happens. You need to be one with your audience, associate with them, feel their pain, and only then, will you begin to sell. Let me explain a few ways that you can automate content distribution on Social Media, whilst staying in touch with the needs of your visitors.

Ping.fm Automates Content Distribution!

Ping.fm is a tool that really should be used sparingly. Set it up, forget about it, and then focus on interacting with your audience. For those who are unaware of what this tool is, simply put, it is an automated social media feed that will spread your content across various social media platforms.

Personally, I do not use Ping.fm for interacting. Think about it, a friend asks you a question, and you respond the same answer to that question across multiple social media profiles, it just doesn’t seem authentic does it? Instead, respond directly to the question on the social media profile where the question was asked, then use Ping.fm to spread your own created content that further answers that question through an RSS feed that is fed in using a service such as TwitterFeed.

Emphasis is on the fact that as great a tool as Ping.fm is, use it sparingly. It is a great tool to spread content far and wide, however it can easily be spun the other way when used as a primary method of interaction.

HootSuite For Link Sharing

This is another tool that I am still quite new to using and have generated great results from. In a nutshell, HootSuite is a web based Twitter client that will feed content into Ping.fm, and automatically sends to Twitter by default.

Before I go into describing the benefit of this tool, I would like to ask you a question. In your opinion, what is one of the greatest benefits of sharing other user generated content with your visitors via social media? Now, I know that a lot of you are going to be a bit confused by that question, I mean, the majority of us want to get the word out about our content, not content created by someone else, right?

Here is a different way to think about it. Imagine that you can collect data based on what content is more popular amongst your users, what content is generating interest, and then, create your own content based on the statistics that you have gathered? So, not only are you engaging with your friends on social media by giving them something that they may find interesting, you are gathering information about what they want, and what you can provide to them.

Hootsuite has incredibly easy to use in built analytics so that you can monitor in real time, out of everything that you have shared, what is generating interest, and what is not. On top of that, the extremely easy to use “Hootlet” allows for instant sharing of links without even having to log in, or install an application. As with Ping.fm, this is not a tool that is to be used too frequently, this tool is purpose driven, and may not drive traffic, but it will give you an idea of what content you can create in order to drive traffic.

There are many other methods of automating some aspects of social media interaction, however, as I have mentioned, this needs to be done sparingly. In The SEO Method, the impact of Social Media on your audience is detailed in full, and how to create an online brand using social media, one must remember though that interaction is highly valuable, and in order to successfully market your own personal brand, you need to embrace that.

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