Spend time on the audio when you make videos.

Did you think that audio was just about talking into a microphone or a Bluetooth headset, when making video?

Well, there are some great resources that allow us to quickly record and convert audio into a format that can be used for making video; and there are also resources that allow us to edit and sharpen up our audio to give it a very professional feel, after we have recorded it.

We take a look at two of these audio tools below.

Posterous – www.Posterous.com

Learn about the rise & fall of Posterous here.

Opening a Posterous account allows you to record snippets of audio on your iPhone or Android when you are “on the go”, as ideas and thoughts come up, then email to your account; there your audio will be converted into a format where it is ready to be listened to on the web or ready to be used in an online video.

Basically the site resizes, converts and hosts all the attachments you send to your account – it does the hard work for you. Of course, the attachment could be video as well as audio.

Posterous is a great tool for getting content up and ready to use very quickly – for example, if you are with a customer and want to record audio of a testimonial  on your handset, this tool makes it easy to upload it, store it and convert it, so that it is ready to be used in a video.

Audacity – www.audacity.sourceforge.net

Audacity is open source, free audio software that allows you to edit an existing piece of audio you have made – a very handy function for creating polish and professionalism to your videos.

Using Audacity takes the pressure off recording audio as it means you can sort out any mistakes, pauses or word fumbles in the editing phase. You can also add effects like changing the pitch or tone of voice with this software, which can add variety to your videos.

Audacity is also very simple to use, with a drag and drop format that requires no specific expertise. If you do a lot of voiceovers and need to clean them up before finalising them, it’s an indispensible tool to have in your arsenal.

Audio needs a lot of attention and its importance is often underplayed by video makers. The tools described above can help you master it.

If you’re looking for a professional approach when you are making video, you have to put the effort in every step of the way, including audio. Many more areas of attention are discussed in the Lights, Camera, Profits! workshop. Simply click here to learn more about it.

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