Interview leaders to gain authority.

One of the best ways to build your way to market leadership is to surround yourself with people that add authority and voice to what you are doing.

You will have seen how we at Melbourne SEO Services have consistently tried to do this – and recently we have published a few blog posts based around interviews that we have done.

Establishing Credibility

Your online business is nothing without credibility and establishing this early on will set the foundations for all that follows.

Interviewing leading lights in your field and related fields is a great strategy for associating your business with the best there is; that provides instant credibility.

As your profile rises in your industry you can get access to more and more of the biggest and best voices, raising your level of authority, virtually guaranteeing you get noticed and get your message out there more effectively.

Interview Approaches

Many business leaders will agree to short interviews that do not impact on their time too much and which also allow them to “plug” their business.

They are keen to demonstrate their own expertise and, often, they like to help others out.

So if you’re new to the business, don’t be shy to ask for a bit of their time; if they can see you are eager and know your stuff, you may get lucky –approaching them in the right spirit is key.

When preparing to interview someone be sure about what you want to get out of it; prepare some questions beforehand and even send the interviewee a list so they can prepare and know what’s coming. That way you can steer the conversation to what you know your audience wants to hear.

To take an example, if you run a gardening website and you know that one of the biggest problems your audience has is dealing with pests then you can ask the gardener about his top 3 approaches to dealing with pests in the garden.

You see how valuable this can be to you and your audience?

Post-Interview Benefits

Often it doesn’t end with the interview itself; you may remain contacts and sometimes even really hit it off and become friends.

This can lead to partnerships, joint ventures and you may find doors opening for you that you could only dream about before. It is a great way to grow your network and create new opportunities without it looking like you are trying to “piggy-back” off someone else’s fame.

The Wide Angle Lens

Start taking a wider angle lens to your business world and look around for who your web visitors would like to hear from – apart from you!

Identify a few likely interview candidates, contact them and then arrange a time to get the camera rolling with your questions. Embed the video into your website, get it onto your YouTube channel and you have just added great new content and started the journey to market leadership!

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