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Video Transcript: So just some things I wanted to give you a couple of real world examples in the tail end of this session to do with how you can use, once you’ve got an autoresponder sequence and you’ve built up a data base and you’ve bonded with them and continuing to market offers to them.

So we’ve got the 4 Day Cash Machine. That’s from Frank Kern. He talks about making an offer to people. We did a product launch for the Metastock Formula Centre. It was on ClickBank, I can’t even remember we would have done, it was at least $18,000 in four days. We sent four emails out. We sent: We’ve just launched this new product, check it out. It’s half price for the next four days.

Then we sent them another email saying, wow, the response has been amazing. We’re adding an extra little bonus. Then, hey, you’ve got a 24 hour notice. You better make your order now if you want to get it at half price. Then the final email was hey, the offer is closing, you’re about to miss out. You’ve literally got a last, last chance. We were just giving people a reason to go ahead. Then we just bumped the price up.

I didn’t do fake scarcity I did real scarcity. It was order in the next four days as part of the launch. The reason we’re doing this, I’m looking for testimonials. I’m happy to give a discount upfront if you’ll give me some feedback. If you give me some feedback I’m happy to give you that cheaper price and then the price is going to go up. You can still buy it later, it’s just going to cost you more.

Product launches and I’ve got a couple of product launches I’ll actually talk you through. I put the details in here. Some things you can do, let’s say you build up this list, you ask them what it is that they want. Then you might go out and find an expert, you might run a seminar like this that runs at break even, you get some testimonials on the day.

Some of you might have even seen during the break Adrian got a couple of you to do some testimonials. It’s always good, that idea of proof in what they say. So we’ll make sure to ask a few of you in the next break if you’ve enjoyed the material that we’ve gone over; we very much appreciate a testimonial.

Then you get to create a product out of that. So we’ll create a product from this. Then you get to do a product launch. So you go back to your list, now I can go to the list and say, for those of you who couldn’t make it to Toowoomba we recorded the event and now you’ll be able to get the recordings for however much we end up selling the recordings for. They don’t need to be super high quality products, they don’t have to be super slick, as long a there is good value content in there. This isn’t a Hollywood production, this is real world, me telling you in the trenches here is exactly how we’re doing it. This is the material that resonates with people.

Once you actually record the course, then you take the course about what I’m going to show you in the next session and using YouTube, take that content, break it up into little pieces. Then you put it on YouTube and then that’s just little snippets of the workshop. Then you say, hey, if you want to watch the rest of this workshop then click this link and you cam go buy it for full price. So that’s how we use that.

A couple of examples, so our Triple Your Trading Profits course which we recorded with Stuart McPhee. I sent an email out to the list, we recorded the seminar, it was in Holmesglen Tafe. We got thirty-seven people to attend the live workshop that we sold for about $350, $400 for the live event. Then we created the DVDs. We did a product launch to the list, we sold 113 copies at $340 each at the launch.

We then took the videos, we broke them apart, uploaded them into YouTube and optimized for a whole bunch of different keywords. We sent people when they watched that video back, we said, hey if you watched the little snippet and you enjoyed it, you can go buy the full course here. That was the last workshop that we did. That’s what we’re doing here, we’re creating a product and that was from our Triple Your Trading Profits there.

Another one the Online Trading Mastermind, you saw one of the emails that we used, this was the fourth piece. Basically we’d already built a list or you can tap into someone else’s list. You could do a joint venture with someone. If you’re creating a product with someone, maybe they’ve already got a list, so you might not necessarily need to build a list but you could do a product launch to that list. We sent free just content videos with zero pitch.

So if you have a look here, that’s up the top here Video 1, Video 2 and download. So each one of these I’d email my list and say, hey go check out this. I’ve just uploaded a new free video for you. Hey, go check out this I’ve just up-loaded a new free video for you. Then once they visit, we pretty much did three pitch free videos to our direct marketing mailing lists. Then we did one selling a high end Mastermind. The way that we did it, we had Video 1, we had 2400 people watch the video. Video 2 we had 1400 people watch the video. Some people were dropping off but that’s ok.

Then we had Video 4 we had 2500 so it looks like the numbers must have jumped back up. I think I remailed on it and we sold twenty-two copies of this Mastermind group which is a very high end coaching program and it was $1697 for that. The reason I show you that is not to impress you but rather to impress upon you how much money that you can make from creating info product and building it into your business. That’s really what I’m talking about here. It’s how can you add in these extra streams of income to what it is that you’re already doing.

Provide the service as a list marketer, make sure that you over deliver and give great value for your service and then over time you want to automate those core systems so you can start to step out and then you start to plug in information product. Once you start to plug in that information product you can start to create a second residual income stream that doesn’t require your hands on input.

So the action plans from here from this one. You can download our white paper, The SEO Manifesto over at melbourneseoservices.com just to see what one looks like. Write your own report, set up an opt in on your website, create a series of emails that you’re going to send out, so have them pre written and then load them in, that bonding sequence. Start to email your list surveys and engaging content and that type of thing. Then once you start to get a feel for where they’re at then that’s when you can start to make them offers.

I hope you have learned a lot on how to create your own marketing mailing list. If you want me to help you out with your small biz, you may want to look at my consulting services. Click here.

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