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Video Transcript: I’ll still take this but what I do now to reduce the number of clients because we’re fully booked, to reduce the number of clients, I start bumping the price up. Then people start falling away and then it only makes it worth my while. I’ll work with a client. We now have filters for the types of clients that we’ll work with. I only want to work with a client who is happy to spend $4000 upfront for the set up and then $2000 each month after that. That reduces the type of clients that I’m targeting as well. We often find that the clients who spend more are usually easier to deal with anyway. It’s the client who troubles over spending $500 to build a website or $300 a month on SEO, they’re the ones who are going to ask the most of you and are most frustrating when it comes to drafting a simple business plan outline. You’ll actually find at the higher end and you start to target clients where they have a higher lifetime value. A dentist is a good client for us. We might only need to generate a few clients a week for them and then we well and truly pay for our services. That’s where we ended up starting to focus there.

Now we’re shifting to focus into this land up here. Then part of this land which I’m going to go through is about positioning as well. That’s when I start to position myself as the expert. I’ll show you how to do that with press releases using media to make sure that you position yourself as the expert so you can start to command that higher price. Then these products now up here start to look even greater value, when you consider how much it costs to have us do it for you.

We go for this whole angle, Adrian wrote the autoresponder with me and we have: Are you a business owner? There are two types of business owners. There is the business owner who wants to have everything done for them and there is the business owner who wants to do it themselves and do it a bit more on a budget. If you’re a business owner who wants everything done for them, click here. If you’re a business owner who wants to learn how to do it, click here. That way we can shape that a little bit more.

So this was built much smarter the second time around. It’s all under the one shopping cart. What else have I got down here? It’s something that I can control. I really planned this out first, asked how could I build it quickest, starting off here, generating cash flow, funds the creation of this. Then shortly this business is not far off running on its own. That’s the real goal here. You want to get the business to be generating income without you so you can focus on building the business.

The next stage is starting to acquire assets. We’re now moving into buying and selling websites around this space. So we’re targeting websites that are around SEO, outsourcing, web video and small business. We’re also targeting geographic related terms like Melbourne dentist, Melbourne chiropractor and we’re buying those types of dot coms, Melbourne chiropractor.com. We’re building up this portfolio of assets that can end up feeding into here and making this even stronger. That’s really what we want to start to think about.

The reason I show you that is, again, so you can keep bringing it back to you. The question you need to start to ask yourself now is what can I do to make sure I have a clear plan of the business, a sample business plan outline that I’m trying to build?

I just had a little note here, just to do with one of my coaching clients. We’ve got a question down the front here.

Question: How did the Melbournechiropractor.com and all that feed back into that? I don’t understand.

David: How did those websites feed into here? We could start to target those websites, get them very easily ranked. Melbourne Funeral Services we rank number 1 for that. Now it becomes a fantastic lead generator for down here. How much easier is it for me to go to a funeral client and me to say, we already have the website that is ranking number 1 for the term that you’re going after. We email all of the funeral directors in Melbourne and then we say, we can only work with one of you. Here’s what we want, do it now or your competition will. It’s a very strong positioning point for us.

Question: There’s no continuity payment to you? David:

No, we’ve thrown around other ways to monetize it. That’s the first way that we’re looking. The second way is we’re going to make it maybe like a directory site where potentially we could just list all of the different businesses and we might charge them $30 a month or something to get listed in that business. So that’s another area that we’re focusing on.

I hope you have learned a thing or two with this quick guide on creating a marketing plan outline for your small business. If you want me to help you out with your small biz, you may want to look at my consulting services. Click here.

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