Sculpting just ain’t like it used to be.

Have you ever heard about the idea of page rank sculpting and the use of ‘no follow’ to funnel page rank into those pages that you want to have ranked? It’s pretty high level SEO stuff, so if you’re not too sure what the hell I’m talking about Google “page rank sculpting” to find out a little more.

The basic idea is that you can increase your rankings in Google by channeling the page rank of your pages to the pages you want ranked. This used be done with the use of the ‘no follow’ tag. That said, things have changed, and Google has come out and said that the way ‘no follow’ used to work has changed. In short, using ‘no follow’ to channel that page rank juice is no longer as effective as it once was.

These days I don’t really worry about ‘no follow’. The way I do page rank sculpting is to simply link to the pages I want ranked – that is I use my internal linking structure and link to those pages, I want to rank, more often.

The only use I have for ‘no follow’ now is with regards to page reputation. For example, as part of my site navigation, if the link to my homepage said Home, I’d put a ‘no follow’ on that, because you don’t want Google to think I’m trying to rank for the keyword Home. I’ll ‘no follow’ those that are completely off topic!

To summarize, quit worrying and using ‘no follow’ for page sculpting! The times have changed and you need to get with the program.

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