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I’m always so proud of the team at Melbourne SEO & Video and what they get up to. Adrian, our lead videographer, is currently working on a series of videos for a good friend of mine Troy Dean. They’re part of a launch sequence for an online product and they’re getting rave reviews!

They’re the perfect example of what I call Authority Content – content that captures attention, engages your audience and builds trust. I’d suggest checking them out, taking notes and implement the ideas in your business: http://troydean.com.au/2016/06/launch-your-very-own-online-course/

Next up I spotted a couple of the things you might be interested in:

And how about our news.

#1. I’ve been asked to host and speak on numerous podcasts and webinars recently. One of the most interesting was for SEMrush on the topic of “How to Run A World Class Digital Agency”. Once I have the recordings, I’ll be sure to share it. Here are a couple of others too:

#2. We’ve also been posting loads of new videos on YouTube, from systemHUB live – have you been spotting them?

#3. We’ve just hired 2 new team members! An admin super star and new videographer! I’m excited to share their work. Stay tuned.

#4. The end of the financial year is almost here in Australia (30 June) and to celebrate we’re offering 5 bonus maintenance/developer hours ($425 value) with every SEO Starter Pack sold before the end of this month! So, if you haven’t had your website tuned up in the last 6 months, now’s the perfect chance! Just contact me and I can get you started.

That’s it for now… I’ll catch you soon.

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