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Video Transcript: So you can take what I’m going to show you and just put it into that order.

I think the real thing to remember here is there are a lot of different things you can do online, there are so many different strategies, but there are typically going to be one or two things that you should be focusing on at any one point in time, the things that are going to get you the best return on investment for your time. They are things that if you do that it’s going to have long term effect.

I’m all about do work once, get paid forever for it. That’s why I like info products and things like this. I’m not going to come here and run a workshop unless I can record it. Then I can either sell this as an info product later or give it to clients as an upsell bonus or something like that. So it’s all about getting more out of what it is that you’ve already got. I’ll show you how to create that.

The last bit of the story part before we really start to get into the online marketing strategy is making sure that you are using the right strategy. I went and saw this guy, it had been on my list to do for a very long time. His name is Richard Bandler. He started a thing called NLP along with, he was co founder with a guy called Grinder. I’d heard about it through, a few people had mentioned it. Tony Robbins has got his whole thing where he calls it NAC, neuro associative conditioning. It’s a slightly re branded version of much of the same thing.

I’d heard about this guy and I always like to go to the source. Whenever I’m learning about something I like to go to the source of the information and get it there. Very much like you, I invest in my own education. I flew over to the States for a week. It was $5000 plus all the accommodation and flights and all that type of thing. It was probably one of the best investments I made. I remember seeing this guy and had heard a lot of stories about him.

One of the things, the real takeaways that I want to give for you is, he talked about this idea of strategies. We’re all processing the world in the same way. We’re all getting the same stimuli coming in but it is the way that you process that stimuli and then react on it that is going to determine what you do as a result of what happens to you.

He talked about this idea of the difference, he started off saying the difference between good spellers and bad spellers. If you think back to school and whether or not you were a good speller or a bad speller when you were at school. He did an analysis of these kids and asked them, he asked the good kids, when you’re spelling a word, what is it that you see? What actually happens? Then he asked kids who couldn’t spell very well, what is it that you’re seeing?

He found out that the kids who weren’t spelling very well, what they were doing, they were sounding out the words. So they were going c-a-t, ok, cat. That’s how I spell it. Now that works well for words that aren’t very complex. But if you look at much more complex words, once you start to sound it out, you’re going to have trouble.

Then he went to these kids who were knocking the words over and he asked them, what happens for you? What is your experience? They said, oh, it’s different for us. They said, I visualize the words. I see the words about , they’re in front of my eyes. They can spell the word just as easily forwards as they can backwards because all they’re doing is reading out the letters. So it is this idea of just the way that you’re interpreting it and the model of the world that you have in your head is determining your results.

So taking this idea and this strategy, he then went to Olympic athletes because he was employed by the US military to help them shoot better. He was doing some training for some of the soldiers. He went to the Olympic shooters and asked them, explain the experience for me of how you shoot and how you can shoot so well and on target and get it every time. The Olympic person said, well, I imagine that there is a little laser on the top of my gun. He’s got his gun or his rifle, there wasn’t a laser there but he imagined this laser. He said, all I do is I’ll line up the dot on what it is I want to shoot and then I pull the trigger.

So he taught that strategy to the US soldiers and then almost instantly overnight they just started shooting better. Their accuracy went up through the roof. It was just through this one idea, this concept of using the right strategy. So there might be a chance that the way that you’re building business up until now, you might be using the wrong strategy. You might have been doing different methods.

It wasn’t that you weren’t giving your all, you were putting your heart and soul into it and you were just giving everything that you could but maybe you just weren’t approaching it in the right light. Maybe there are a few finer distinctions and maybe I can show you how to line the sight up and make sure you’ve got the little right dot.

Then if you’ve got the right strategy, then your business might just come alive. So really that’s what today is all about, making sure that you start to get the right strategies that could grow your business a lot quicker.

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