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Video Transcript: So from the things that you want to have on your website, on your home page I would try and encourage people to get an opt in. You’ll find a lot of people if you install Google Analytics on your website and you most definitely should be, if you install Google Analytics on your website, you’ll find a lot of people hit your website and bounce off and never come back again.

So what can you do to grab that information? The most important valuable asset in any business and all of the greats will tell you, it’s the data base, making sure you collect a data base. Most businesses don’t collect data bases. The money is in the list and marketing to that list and the relationship you have with that list.

So you want to make sure that you build up a list, treat them like absolute gold, look after them, provide them good value and service. Don’t always be pitch, pitch, give them good value as well so they enjoy being part of that list. That’s why on the home page I like to do what I can to make sure that I grab them, pull them into my funnel, get them into the top of my funnel. Then I can introduce them to this material later. It takes time for me to bond with them. So that’s what I do on the home page.

Next you’ll probably want a services page, some sort of a page in your online business websites that lists everything that you offer. You want to get quite clear on, here’s what I have to offer for you. Then you also want to have some sort of testimonials page, what clients are saying about you. We do a lot of web video, just getting some of the different clients. I’ll go out and chat with them and we’ll do videos at their place of business. I’ll go out to them and have them talk about the results that they got when doing business with us. So what can you do to make sure that you’ve got testimonials covered?

Now this is a new component. You might not have this because you’ll start off with just services. Over time though, you’ll start to think info product, how can you add info product in? Sometimes info product might not quite fit. It works for most business but some businesses it might not work. If that’s the case, what products can you sell? It doesn’t even have to necessarily need to be info product. I like info product because there is such fantastic margin in it.

But maybe you can sell equipment or extra product. It depends on your business, there’s always something additional that you can sell. The idea of having these additional products that don’t require your time to deliver them, that’s really what the aim is. That’s what we have under self study.

Then About, you want to have a page that tells your story. I really try and position myself a little bit differently. You really want to avoid being the ‘me too’ type marketer. Here, what have I got at the start? ‘We could say Melbourne SEO Services is the leading Australian search engine optimization company providing services tailored to your clients’ unique business needs. We assist them across the business sectors from small to large corporations blah, blah, blah. You’ve heard all this before, right? But our story isn’t quite so typical.

We never set out to become one of Australia’s leading SEO companies. It kind of just happened.’ Then I go through and tell that story that I told you guys at the start. This idea that we started out in the stock market space. It was only because people started coming to us saying, how are you doing what you’re doing that we ended up falling into the SEO space. You have a story inside you that you don’t even know exists or you might not even necessarily appreciate.

If you go back to when did you first get interested in whatever your business is about, what made you start it? Where were you having issues? Maybe that story is like you were having the same problems that your perfect target market was having. You couldn’t find a business that you were happy with that provided a good enough solution. So you thought, Enough! I’m going to go out there and create my own business. Then you set it up and from humble beginnings, I started off and I did it in my bedroom and started off very small. Over time we started to grow and more and more people started to hear about how great we are and we started to build. Then we moved into an office.

That story is inside of you and you want to draw that out. It’s almost like you take the person on that emotional roller coaster and journey with you. I think storytelling, and I talked about the importance of sales copy, they’re all intertwined. You want to make sure that you get good at telling stories.

Then you can put the FAQ, part of the reason we had this FAQ was because when we got the merchant facilities, Westpac required us to answer a whole bunch of different questions, what is our refund policy and all that type of thing. But it is a good idea to have the FAQ and I’ll talk about it when we get to the video section, using videos to answer your clients’ top questions is a great strategy. What are ten questions that a client you hear most often and asks you and what are ten questions you think they should ask? So what are ten questions they do ask and what are ten questions you think they should ask?

Record a video answering each one of those. When you get clients asking you, instead of you giving the same answer over and over again, just send them the link and say go watch this YouTube video. It’s still so new that people love it. Garry is doing it for his print management company. What print management company do you know that would email you back a YouTube link to explain the loupe, like a little magnifying glass? We did a video for that for Garry. There are different questions like that.

What is the difference between going to a traditional print house rather than going to a print broker?

Why would you go to a print broker? Just like you might go to a mortgage broker because he’s got access to a whole bunch of different lenders and he can get you the best rate, similarly you go to a print broker because he has access to all of these different printers and he can get you the best printing price. We made a video about that. That ends up getting in our autoresponder sequence and it also gets sent out to clients as well as the questions come up.

So using an FAQ could be helpful. Then you have your Contact Us. Of course make sure you have your details in the top right hand cornet. I list everything there, phone number. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you. If you can, put a real phone number. I think a mobile phone number can work depending on if it’s just you, but I think to have a real landline, people want to trust you.

We have the phone number in the top right hand corner of online business websites, does that mean we get tons of phone calls? No, we get very few but the trust is there because people want to know what happens if it doesn’t work? Well at least I know there’s a phone number I can call. It’s the same with PO boxes. It’s much better if you can have a physical address rather than a PO box. What happens if I bought your product or service, I experience trouble, I’m going to feel more secure and comfortable at least if I know there is a physical place I can go and talk to someone.

So anything you can do, those types of things, increases the level of trust. That reminds, me have a look at davidjenyns.com. It’s all about positioning. We’ll talk about how to get media exposure and that type of thing. I’m going to scroll down here, here we go, ‘Dave, featured in Financial Review, Your Trading Edge, Chartpoint, Herald Sun, Smart Investor.’ We go into the About Us page and I tell my story so this is more for David Jenyns’ branding. I talk about Brazilian Jui Jitsu and how I got started with Stuart and introduction of the Metastock Programming Study Guide and all of the different people I’ve seen, selling the MCG, featured in.

This is the material that you can’t fake. What can you do that sets you apart from your competition because you just put so much proof in there. If you start to get your business written up in the local paper, you should take that out, cut it out, scan it, put it on your blog, put it on your site, put it on your About Us page, put it into your autoresponder sequence. Get mileage out of that material. It’s there, you’ve just got to start looking for it and think how can I get more out of what I’ve already got?

So they are the main things. I suppose when it comes to your website, you want to think in terms of your home page, you want to think a services page, think a testimonials page, think an About Us page, think a contact page and then the final one is probably think about a blog.

I’d have some component and this is more from an SEO point of view and we can talk about the way the SEO component will work, but from an SEO point of view you need somewhere where you can create and keep adding regular content, targeting keywords. So you go after Toowoomba exercise, Toowoomba gym, Toowoomba squash courts, Toowoomba exercise rooms and I’ll show you how to create blog posts that target those types of keywords.

So you have your core, central part of online business websites which is all about selling you and answering all of those questions and then we use the blog to help generate the traffic.

These are just some of the things you need to know if you want to come up with better online business websites. Looking for a professional internet marketing advice? Click here for more details.

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