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Video Transcript: So I’ll just take you briefly through and this will take you back to the map that we drew at the start of the day and I suppose tie it all in together. Then you start to think about, well, how can I build this for my business?

So we’ve got our SEO free report, so that’s our free report. Underneath that we’ve got the four different products. We’ve got the SEO course, we’ve got the outsource course, we’ve got the web video and we’ve got the small biz. Underneath that we’ve got the workshops, we’ve got the Masterminds, we’ve got the coaching and then underneath that we’ve got the services. That might look a little counter intuitive but look how much effort goes into this front end up here and really the services are not where we’re focusing as much anymore now. So SEO, ADP, we’ve got the press release as a service, we’ve got web video. Basically a lot of these services are just ‘done for you’ type services.

So you can buy the home study course to learn how to do it, how we do it or we’ll do it for you. Now that we’ve built out that, that’s very automated. As part of this as well we’ve got our autoresponder sequence. So you’ve got your autoresponder where they’re basically getting a series of emails over the course of three months. These emails point them to different parts of the website. So it might be the About Us page, with a little bit of bonding first, then after that, then it starts to point to the products and services and things like that. So it’s very automated, I’ve automated my back end.

We add in a new component down here as well. I built it with a shopping cart that enables me to have this all in the one shopping cart so affiliates can now start to promote my products. So we set it up in a way now where we offer commission. Some of these products like the SEO course sells for about $1400 for The SEO Method and I split that 60:40 with my affiliates. If someone else goes out and sells this SEO course then they’ll get 40% of that sale price.

Other affiliates, people who want to market my product will start marketing that product. That’s another way that we generate some leads in there. That is very much an automated back end. Now where I’m starting to focus, I started to focus after that on automated front end. Then I started to look at YouTube. So what do we do? We took little snippets from the workshop, we cut them up into pieces, we uploaded them to YouTube and then those end up pushing back down here and also pushing to the free report.

Then we had facebook. We’re just ramping up with facebook at the moment. We held off on doing that for a little while. Then we’ve got twitter. Things like twitter, this is a bit to do with more bonding with me and making sure they know we’re on the cutting edge and demonstrating that I walk the walk. I think I should add in here the Melbourne SEO blog. The blog, we’ve got tons of different articles that are just getting posted on a regular basis. If you imagine all of these are collecting people on the front end and then I’m shifting them down into my free report. They get into my autoresponder sequence and then they get introduced to the rest of my business.

So we’ve got The SEO Method, then we’ve got the new Dave Approved, providing product reviews and services. We’ve got Podcast Interviews, so that’s like expert positioning. All of this is just free content that sells me. I funnel that all into here and then they just go through that automated thing. So automate the back end and now I’ve looked at all of my automation on the front end.

Then the final piece of the puzzle, this is moving into what am I doing with my next couple of moves. Once that’s done, you saw I started to monitor my conversion rates and things like that, figuring how much someone is worth to me. Then I can say, ok, everyone who signs up to my free report, on average will spend x amount of dollars, therefore I know I can buy a lead for 50c. I can spend anywhere up to 50c or $5 once I know that number, then I can start to go into paid media. We didn’t even touch on paid media, when you talk about running banner ads, Google AdWords, basically paying.

Once you know that number, business all comes down to knowing that number. Once you know what the lifetime value of a client is for you and you say, I know a client is worth $5000 for me when they sign up, then you can figure out how many prospects do you need to come through your doors for you to convert that one person. Then you can figure out that magic number. How much are you able to spend to acquire that lead? Once you know that number, you just go out and your buy those leads and you put them into your funnel and it’s all automated.

Then once that happens, that’s when I step out of the business and then we move into more asset acquisition which I talked about at the start of the day. We start to buy web properties around this that can help support this, where someone else has already built up a website with a community. Maybe I buy an internet marketing forum where I could buy that forum and then I could just plug all of these products and pitch it to this here. That’s me buying a good asset. We start buying assets and then after that, then you figure out where you want to take the business.

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