First up, if you celebrate it, Happy Easter and if you don’t, hope you’re enjoying the public holidays. Either way, as life gets faster and faster, it’s good to stop and enjoy the things in life you’re grateful for.

With so much noise going on these days, I’m just grateful to have your attention. The biggest hurdle you, as a business owner, have to overcome with your clients and prospects is getting their attention.

So, how do you break the pattern? How do you get people to stop and listen?

For me, it’s all about consistently leading by example and sharing my best ideas. It’s this consistency that attracts only the best clients…

This post is a good example. Each week I spot the very best in online marketing news, filtered for the small and medium sized business, and then I share it with you. Simple but effective 🙂

So, here’s what I spotted this week:

Lifting A Manual Penalty Given By Google {pain in the bum}

Study Finds Google’s Penguin Update Getting Stricter Over Time {be smarter}

Google Penalized One Article on BBC’s Website {interesting}

Facebook Turns Off Website Internally to Force Mobile Development {telling}

Myer remains competitive with internet sales {you need to dominate online}

New YouTube channel options {we just upgraded}

Watch 15 GoPro Cameras Add Bullet Time to Everyday Life {cool}


And how about our news?

#1. I was recently interviewed for an eCommerce podcast. I spilled the beans on another one of my businesses – thought you might like to hear it?

#2. I wore my headcam at my last workshop – just for a bit of fun. Anyway watch the snippets here:

What’s a fair wage in the Philippines:

And another, what is the cost of living in the Philippines?

#3. I was just experimenting with my Westpac Altitude business visa card and you know what – you can use it to fund your Paypal account and then get points for every dollar you spend. Now, here’s the kicker, if you’ve got a team you’re paying via Paypal those points can add up pretty quickly. Just a thought 😉

Enjoy the weekend!

Your SEO coach,


online marketing news

I hope you find what you’re looking for this Easter 🙂

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