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Video Transcript: What we did, the way that I built this business out, again, I started off with a free report and some of you have already checked it out, it’s The SEO Manifesto. It’s just a report that teaches people how to market online. It’s a free report in exchange for their email address. So I’m getting someone to opt in to my list so I can build the data base.

Then we’re in the process of talking with Adrian. He’s probably going to have a look at rewriting The SEO Manifesto where we start to introduce some of our other products and services. At the time when we first launched the business, we were just focusing in on providing SEO services to clients. That’s really what the report tries to sell but now we’re shifting the business away and we’re moving more into the info product business. I’ll explain why we’re doing that.

So we had out front end which is the SEO report. Then we built out a series of product. We did an SEO course, we did an outsourcing course, we did a web video course and we did a small business course. So we built out these. They vary in price, but info product, very high margin for me, infinitely scaleable because I don’t have to be involved in the delivery of that. We outsource that to a fulfillment house in the States called Vivante.

Then we have a few things underneath. We do workshops on internet marketing for small businesses occasionally. I very rarely run the workshops. The only reason I run workshops is to create product and I only run the workshop once, I don’t run the workshop again and again. I like to do work once and get paid forever. So this workshop has a very clear strategy on where this is going to be used in my funnel. I’m going to probably use this up the front here.

You’ll see throughout today, I’ll talk about some of these different products. The reason I do that, it’s like an introduction. So you guys can come and see what I’m doing and I’ll give you tons of great content. Then if you want to go further down any of these little areas, you’ll know where to go. We’ll end up adding this workshop up the front here.

The next thing that I’ve got, we do little Mastermind groups, Masterminds. We have groups of seven people and it’s almost like I’ll hop on the phone. If you’ve heard of Masterminds, it’s from Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill. He talks about this idea of when people all collectively focus in on one outcome, a third mind is created. It sounds a little bit woo woo. It’s this idea of getting a group of people, like minded individuals and we have these little Mastermind groups in groups of seven.

Then we also have our coaching on small business marketing plan which is more one on one coaching with me. I try to keep that to a minimum because, if you think about it, it’s work that I have to do. I’m only going to get paid for it once and I’m all about how can I create systems and products where I can replicate that.

This is the way that my business is looking right now. My very first business model and this is the really key takeaway that I want you to take away from watching this right now, is down here is my services. So I’ve got my services. This is where we started. We started offering SEO, we do article distribution, that’s what we do with Danny and that’s how we got to know him. We do things like Google Places listing and we also do web video. Adrian has just started to do web video for some of our clients and things like that.

I can show you here, before I built Melbourne SEO, I’m all about using journals. I drew this map out probably, maybe, that was one of them, that’s one of the very first ones. I drew this map out probably eighteen months ago or a little bit more. I knew what it was that I was going to build upfront. So as you’re building your business, you need to know what map you’re building upfront. You need to know this. I would spend time building maps like this in your head to start off with and then writing it down so you know what you’re going to build.

Once I’ve built a map that looks like this, the next question I ask myself is how can I build this online marketing plan as quickly as possible? Ok, so we focused and started off down here. Why did I start off down here? You need to start on cash flow first which I talked about. You always want to get that cash flow right in a business first. That is going to fund everything else. I started on cash flow by delivering a service to clients where we were exchanging our time and I was investing time working with the clients. Then that ended up funding the creation of this.

So we did this, then we started to get new team members and get everything in place.
Then what did I do after I did that? Then I started to document my core processes. I talked about documenting those core processes which is my SEO Method. We had that all documented out. Then the next step, we started to build out info product and I ran a series of workshops in Melbourne. We ran these and then laid all of these out.

Now, just now we’re starting to shift the business away from this and I’m starting to shift it up into info product land.

I hope you have learned a thing or two with this quick guide on creating an effective online marketing plan for your small business. If you want me to help you out with your small biz, you may want to look at my consulting services. Click here.

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