You’ve got to start with a good first strategy.

When you first get introduced to internet marketing, you’ll hear terms like SEM, SEO, social media marketing, brand marketing and pay per click. The fact is, there are many facets to online marketing and SEO is just one of many.

A popular misconception is that SEO is a subset of social media. This is really incorrect. It’s a standalone activity. Social media is all about engaging your community, building up awareness and having people interact with you on Facebook and Twitter; it’s all about community. SEO is about building back links to get you rankings in the organic search.

SEO and social media can help each other as parts of a bigger online marketing strategy. Once you build up a good SEO campaign, you’ll get more attention, people will start to come to your website and then you can continue to communicate with them in your social media space.

So where do you start?

We believe SEO is a great place to start because it builds on itself. In contrast to other marketing methods which require constant work, SEO is like a snowball that just keeps growing. Once you start to gain #1 positions for certain keywords, that filters onto other pages and keywords – and once it starts, it’s hard to switch it off!

Just remember, SEO is great, but it shouldn’t be all you’re doing online. It’s not wise to rely on just one method to drive traffic to your website. SEO needs to be only one part of an online marketing campaign.

To have us help you build a bullet proof online marketing strategy, give us a call. You may also take a look at my internet business coach service.

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