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Video Transcript: That whole MCG thing was a fantastic experience. Then I realized the power of this media attention using careful online media planning. When I did the MCG thing, I remember we got quite a lot of sales that came off the boat of that media exposure. Then I ended up getting it on lastminute.com.au. It’s a website where they have these little offers and things like that. It’s almost like a Groupon or Deal of the Day, those type of websites that are popping up now.

They did this little Own a Piece of the MCG promotion and it got sent out. I remember the fax just went mental for forty-eight hours. This was before they were emailing out the receipts. The phone would ring, the fax would come through with an order on it and then you’d wait a second or two. The phone would ring again because they were only sending through one at a time. It went straight for twenty-four, forty-eight hours of just order after order after order. That’s what just made me think oh, there’s something in this media. All of that was free for me.

I didn’t do much work there. I ran that editorial ad and then it opened the doors with Last Minute and other online media companies. There are just so many benefits that come from doing that.

So I started to use that now that we’re launching Melbourne SEO Services and also in the trading business I did it as well. One I’m going to give you is this HARO, Help a Reporter Out. If you search HARO or Help a reporter Out, it’s a website where reporters will go. If they’re writing an article, they might want some info or some help on writing an article on a certain topic. They might be writing an article on what is going on in the construction industry. They’ll go to HARO and they’ll post something on HARO saying I’m looking for someone who is expert in construction in Toowoomba who can help me out with writing this report.

They’ll list these things on HARO and then you can contact them and say, hey I saw this listing. I can help you out. Then they will contact you and then you can get some exposure that way. A good example of this is this perfect domain name. We got that in Netregistry and I did that through HARO.

The real aim of the game, the real key, there’s another one called SourceBottle. HARO is worldwide, SourceBottle is just Australia but it is that idea of reporters posting, hey I need some help and then you help them out.

But the real secret to media attention is to become a reporter’s friend. I did this in the stock market and small business niche incredibly well. I got connected with someone who was inside the Fin Review and Smart Investor and he would just come to me. That’s when I got in Chartpoint, I got in the Smart Investor a couple of times. He asked me for one quote and the next time I said to him, if you need any other help in the future, just give me a call. Then he just started calling me again and again and again.

So it’s almost like you just have to weasel your way in doing online media planning there to get to the right person. Once you’ve got the right person, do what you can to build up that relationship with them and then that could open so many great doors for you, become their friend. That ended up leading to, I had someone else, there are a couple of books there. Someone wrote two books and then he ended up speaking to me and I’ve got a whole chapter he did on me in his book. That was the same thing, I build up a friendship. That’s using offline media.

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