Talk to your customers via web video.

One of the tools that any new web-based business needs to get to grips with early on in the game is online video marketing.

Web video is rapidly becoming just as important to your business as having a website and soon it will be so mainstream that you will look outdated if your website DOESN’T feature it.

Therefore it helps to have a basic action plan to work to. The below details should help.

Open A YouTube Account

YouTube is such a recognised and trusted brand that you can’t afford not to have a YouTube channel when you start out making videos to market your business.

Nowadays YouTube is becoming more advanced and trying to improve the general content of its videos so it has provided extra editing tools that allow you to add more professional touches. Alternatively you can use an external editing program and just upload the finished video.

The main purpose of YouTube videos is usually to drive traffic to your website; each short video should make your landing page URL clear and have a call to action so that interested viewers know where to go next.

For Melbourne SEO Services, while much of our traffic still comes from organic search, YouTube video is sending a growing proportion of visitors to us.

Use Your Video On ALL Your High-Traffic Pages

You can use video embedded on your website to add another means of communicating your message; people are comfortable with video and many prefer to watch and listen to information rather than read it; you should cater for both on your site.

Even your video should include some text – you’ll need a “lower third” showing who you are (don’t waste time introducing yourself) plus a watermark of your URL running through the video…and then some text for the call to action at the end.

You should find that embedded YouTube videos will increase your conversion rates, provided you have spent time getting the right message to the right people; this involves planning who you are writing the message for, crafting a good script, shooting and editing it.

Collect Testimonials

One of the best uses of web video marketing is in testimonial videos. These don’t have to be super high quality but they need to feature your best clients talking about different aspects of the things you do better than everyone else and the results you achieve.

Someone else talking about how great you are is ten times more powerful than you doing it yourself – and much better than simply using text that anyone could make up. Video is more genuine and higher impact.

FAQ Videos

Another great place to start with your online video marketing is FAQ videos.

Write down 5 or 10 questions that your customers ask the most; then another 5 or 10 they SHOULD ask. You can use these to make a series of quick-fire, 30-second-or-less videos that you can send to customers when they ask a question. This again demonstrates your credibility and expert status.

Well-made, short, sharp video clips make you stand out from your competition and are a great tool for small online businesses. Want to see how we do online video marketing? Head over to our YouTube account to watch our tutorial videos by simply clicking here.

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