It’s time to hit ‘Play’ to your own web videos.

When you’re navigating the jungle of online business you’ll see that the juiciest and lowest hanging fruit on the forest of trees is still …web video!

We’ve been saying it for a while and the uptake in the past couple of years has rocketed but the truth still holds – if you implement a good online video marketing strategy in your business you will be way ahead of the bulk of your competitors.

Don’t Hit the PAUSE Button

Some businesses got caught out by trying video once in the past, deciding that it didn’t bring the benefits they expected and then pressing the “PAUSE” button on the whole campaign.

That may have been a couple of years ago when online video began its big surge. Perhaps you hired the wrong production company, paid out a large sum and got your fingers burnt; or maybe you tried making it yourself and it bombed – you got neither the extra traffic nor the higher conversion rate you expected.

It’s understandable if that gave you cold feet but the winning formula with web video is a lot closer to your finger-tips these days.

In the past couple of years huge advances have been made in video recording equipment, editing software and also with the range of professional video production companies available to Australian businesses.

Doing It Yourself

If you have the time to experiment and can spend $1000 – $1500 on getting the right equipment then you are well capable of shooting your own web videos.

It will take some reading up on the most appropriate camera, lighting equipment, microphone and tripod to buy; as well as research and brushing up on techniques and tricks of getting the script, the delivery, the audio and the visuals correct – though this can come with practice.

If you’re going to do it, just get the right equipment and start – make your mistakes and get them out of the way…the worst video you make will probably be your first.

Hiring A Production Company

If you are “time poor” or just feel that you’ll get better quality video by outsourcing it, you’ll need to find a reputable video production company.

We know a few things about that, having helped Melbourne SEO Services customers with their web video strategies over the past few years.

That’s why we recently set up www.melbournevideoproduction.com.au as a stand-alone entity, to help clients create testimonial videos (“Raving Fans”), FAQ videos (“Time Savers”) and tell-your-story videos (“Your Story”) which are three of the most powerful marketing tools you can be using in your business today.

The difference between a top video production company and a one-man band with a photography degree and a camera is in handling the whole “package” of video marketing.

Many of the small players will be able to shoot and edit a decent enough video, but when it comes to help with pre-planning and scripting, then post-production and distribution, things may fall apart.

This is the real difference between merely making videos and having a coherent online video marketing strategy, aimed at getting the right message to the right people. That’s where your business needs to be today and it’s something that Melbourne Video Production can help you with. Click here to learn more about our video production services.

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