You always have a choice which video site to use.

Everyone knows about YouTube. Quite rightly 90% of your online video distribution efforts will be centred around YouTube video, because it’s the biggest rock in the online video sites jar.

In fact it’s a huge rock. It gets more than ten times the video views of its nearest competitor and is the second largest search engine in the world, after its owner, Google. YouTube video even takes a prominent position in Google search results now.

As you begin your work to get your videos providing maximum exposure for minimum effort it’s good to know about some of the smaller rocks in the jar too. There are other video distribution sites that offer slightly different possibilities to YouTube and we look at three of them below.


Vimeo is an excellent option if you don’t mind paying around $200 for the PRO version. This gives you 50GB of storage space and no bandwidth cap or time limits.

Most importantly it allows you to remove the Vimeo branding from your videos – something that YouTube doesn’t allow. This can give a cleaner, more professional feel to the embedded videos on your site.

The downside with Vimeo used to be that the site didn’t allow commercial content. This meant that you could only use it to promote give-away content on your site, not to sell. But with the release of the latest PRO version earlier this year it signified a move towards commercial content for small businesses.

Vimeo also has a cheaper PLUS version that gives you more features than a free user but doesn’t allow commercial content.


Viddler is a similar concept to Vimeo but it has always allowed commercial content. With Vimeo’s recent addition of their PRO version they are now direct competitors.

The great thing again about Viddler is the ability to embed high quality video into your web site without any of their branding on it, giving a crisp and professional look to your videos.

You have probably seen that the larger companies normally don’t embed YouTube video into their web sites; they may be using Viddler for that purpose instead.

A Viddler business services account supports high definition video and plans start at around $100 for 100Gb of video.

Like Vimeo and YouTube, streaming web video is the core competency of Viddle, so you are guaranteed a reliable streaming service from them.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is a service you may want to consider for other purposes than streaming video.

It does require some more technical expertise to run an S3 account – you will need to know something about encoding for different types of video; but it is very useful in providing a cloud-based online server for uploading videos that you want to password protect.

In fact Melbourne SEO Services uses Amazon S3 for The SEO Method series of videos; S3 can be useful for paid content and many membership sites use it to serve video to their subscribers.

The above should have convinced you not to spend ALL of your video distribution time on YouTube. Yes, most of the time you will go into YouTube, but these other three online video sites can be great assets from time to time for your video marketing.

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