Out-tasking: less commitment required!

Out-tasking is not to be confused with outsourcing! It is all about shipping out shorter, one-off tasks to experienced and skilled people rather than trying to manage it yourself or providing longer contracts to virtual staff; you can both outsource and out-task to great effect in your business but here we concentrate on the benefits of the latter.

Most of the tasks that your company will want to be handled out-of-house will be those not connected to your core business – things like graphic design, web site development, copywriting, article or content writing and video development are good examples.

Often these will be short, one-off jobs; for example an accountant needs a web site designed and this can be out-tasked, but they wouldn’t out-task handling people’s tax returns, as it’s part of their core business that defines what they do and why they are in existence.

Following are 5 great reasons to out-task rather than outsource or handle a job in-house:

1. Less Commitment Than Outsourcing

With a one-off job there is no confusion over the deal. You hire the person best qualified and experienced to do the particular task and once it’s completed you pay them and part ways! Usually you pay them a bit more than you would than if you were outsourcing but there are no longer-term contracts or expectations of further work. There is less commitment.

2. Lower Costs

There are fewer costs involved in out-tasking than opting for a full outsourcing solution or hiring someone to work in-house. While the hourly rate may be a little higher for the freelancer by out-tasking, there is no longer-term commitment to find tasks and you have none of the staff costs associated with hiring in-house staff.

3. Faster Turnaround

With outsourcing it might take a while – up to 6 months – for your freelancer to get up to speed with exactly what you need in terms of product knowledge and overall performance; with an out-task situation you normally hire someone who is set to go immediately – which means less supervision on your part and a quicker turnaround time altogether.

4. You Can Start Small

You don’t need to have huge tasks developed before you begin hiring your freelancers. You can start small and work up to larger tasks as you move your business forwards and get more used to working with a virtual team.

5. Out-Tasking Can Te Virtual Or Local

The out-tasking you do doesn’t have to be online and using overseas workers. We use mechanics to fix cars and plumbers to fix boilers all the time in “real life”; so if you need a web designer you may be able to find one locally offering a good rate; if that’s not possible then go online and use one of the many freelancer sites around like oDesk, Elance, vWorker or 99 Designs.

You can see some of the advantages of using freelancers for specific jobs you need done out of house. Want more outsourcing solutions and suggestions? Just click here to learn about our outsourcing workshop DVDs.

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