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Video Transcript: We’ve started hiring a team and we’ve got quite a good team over in the Philippines and now we get to go to the Philippines and it’s a business expense. So we’re heading over to the Philippines early next year, meet the team and then have the holiday on the back end of that.

Now that I’ve showed you how to build out all of that, you can’t build it on your own using these outsourcing tips from my outsourcing articles. That’s a great deal of work, I know I’ve crammed a lot into one day. Now you need to make sure that you start to build that team. You can’t do it alone. You want to make sure that you build your business like MacDonald’s. Make sure that you build it very systematized so that you automate those core central business systems so it can run without you.

Once that happens, then you want to start to hire A players. An A player is someone who just makes things work. You’ll find an A player can work with average systems and they’ll still do a great job. A B player will work with the most amazing systems and still mess it up. So if you work with really good people, even if your systems aren’t quite right, they’ll still end up bumping it up. That’s why you want to make sure that you get people like Adrian and you get people like Sally because they’re A players.

Then you start to look at what is the process for outsourcing? People first start off, they do out tasking. You might go to somewhere like Rent A Coder or Elance, there are different websites out there where you can hire people to do one off tasks for you. It’s a great way to try and lighten your load. You don’t take them on as a full time team member and you just give them odd jobs here and there. So that’s stage one.

Stage two is then you start to outsource. You might out task first, find a couple of good people who do good jobs for you and then start to give them regular work. That’s outsourcing now, now you’ve got a regular task that you give to someone. So you have a look here, I’ve built out this map, and if you go all the way back to the start of the day and I talked about this idea of build out your maps first. Figure out what is the quickest way for me to build this and think of who do I need to hire to make this happen and in what order?

Then I’ve just given you the map of how you build a really successful business using my outsourcing tips. You say, ok, this is who I need to hire first, this is who I need to hire second and then you grow from there.

Then the final stage after you start outsourcing is what I call insourcing. That’s when you start bringing on team members who actually become part of your team. For my Filipinos when they come on, they’re a part of Melbourne SEO Services. They’re on the website, Grace is there, MJ is there, Nil is there. We have the photos on there where they have their bios, they’re part of the team. They just live overseas.

The reason we’ve started to outsource over in the Philippines, sometimes it’s hard to find people as good workers and team members here in Australia as you do over in the Philippines, if you search some outsourcing statistics. The Philippines have an amazing work ethic, they really have a desire to please, they have an excellent command of the English language. You’ve got geo arbitrage where I can pay them extremely good money.

For them, $6 an hour is extremely good money. They might go get a job for $2 an hour but I’ll pay them a lot more because I’ll reward them. I’ll pay them a lot more than they would get locally but it still makes so much sense for me because I’m paying pennies on the dollar to hire these team members who can execute anything here as good as any of the team members who are local. We’ve got people who write for us for the Melbourne SEO blog. We’ve got people who are building those back links, we’ve got people who set up Podcast Interviews. Building up that team member and the Philippines has been great for us and we’ve got some fantastic team members from over there.

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