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Video Transcript: So what is it that we need to do? The biggest hurdle that people have to overcome when they’re doing business with you and your business is overcoming objections and believing what it is that you say. People are worried that you’re going to take their money, run away, not deliver for them and then they’ve lost that money, they’ve lost that time, they’ve gone through all of that heartache. That’s the biggest thing that people have in their head that you need to overcome it. Can I trust you? Will it work for me? Will this product solve my problem?

So not only do we need to identify what their problem is, then we also need to make sure that we solve it while overcoming objections in sales. If not, then what? If they don’t deliver on everything that they promise, how can I be sure that they’ve got honesty, they’ve got integrity, they’ve got all of these values that resonate with me? How can I be sure that they’re going to deliver, or they’re at least going to make good on their promises? That’s what’s swirling around in my head when I’m looking to do business with someone and I’m looking at different websites.

So mindful of that when overcoming objections, imagine yourself when you’re thinking of website usability, drifting out of your own head, floating down into your avatar’s head and imagine what they’re thinking. Sales is all about what is the conversation that is going on in the client’s mind and meeting them in that conversation. I have a problem in sales objections, I’m looking for a solution, I need to make sure that I provide them everything that they need to make sure that they believe I can provide the solution to their problem. So always think in terms of that.

As you’re building your website as well, just remember it’s not about you. A lot of people will try and make their logo in the top left hand corner really massive. It might be Bob’s Pies or something like that or a name that might not even necessarily relate to what the product and service is. You wouldn’t want to have a massive Willows sign in the top left hand corner because what does Willows mean? For them, they don’t know what Willow means yet and the name isn’t built into what the product or service offering is.

Melbourne SEO Services, at least there you know what that service offering is. I still don’t make a huge deal of my name. It’s not about me, it’s not about having my Mum go to the website and say, look, Dave’s name is up in lights. It’s about the client, always thinking about the client about that avatar.

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