Ok, just in time for the weekend…

Welcome to another post where I spot all the most important things for you, the small and medium sized business owner. We got news about overcoming the Penguin update and also why you need to be serious with your mobile paid search marketing.

Here’s what I spotted this week:


A great checklist by Noble Samurai for beating Google’s Penguin update {rock solid}

Report: Mobile To Drive A Third Of Paid-Search Clicks By Year End {massive trend}

Australia is increasingly becoming a nation of online shoppers {yes it is, let’s profit from it}

The Dirty World of Facebook Edge Rank Optimization {some interesting bits here}

Ultra-Ever Dry Product {using product demonstrations are one of the best ways to sell}

Google copies Apple’s ad style {sheesh, you need to lead, not follow}

The SEO Method 3 discussion on the Warrior Forum {if you put out good content, you become the leader}

And how about our news?

#1. If you were thinking about booking me in for a consultation session, do it now! Next week we’re bumping up the price $200. With an increase in demand, and reduced supply, prices must go up. Economics 101.


#2. Did you hear? I’m speaking at Wordcamp Melbourne. The biggest WordPress event in Australia. You should come along: www.2013.melbourne.wordcamp.org

#3. I’m going to start posting some snippets from theSEOmethod3 workshop on my YouTube channel. You can watch the first one here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKdnvdO2QdY – What’s new in SEO for 2013?

Ok… that’s it for now. Catch you next week.

Your SEO Coach,


By the way, I was in the city the other day and saw the Melbourne SEO Services motor bikes 😉 Hehehe. The only thing was they parked them in the wrong order 😛

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