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Read below to find out why we use Pingback Optimizer to boost our link building efforts. 

Pingback Optimizer is a WordPress plugin that automates part of your link building efforts. The part that is automated is a method called pingbacks or trackbacks. Pingback is a method for web authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents. Typically, web publishing software will automatically inform the relevant parties on behalf of the user, allowing for the possibility of automatically creating links to referring documents.

Essentially what Pingback Optimizer does is it collects the URLs for all your trackbacks and pingbacks you get for your blogs and creates an RSS feed for them. It will submit that feed to the major RSS directories. This has a two-fold effect – it will help your links get indexed and give them a little link juice which will trickle its way to your site. 

Pingback Optimizer is very easy to install. If you have any experience installing WordPress plugins, this is no different. It is as simple as uploading it to your site and entering some basic information. There is even a video tutorial on the thank you page of Pingback Optimizer to help you through the process.

The purpose of Pingback Optimizer is to get your articles indexed so that your backlinks count. You will experience an increase in the search engine results placements almost as soon as you start using it. You get excellent support and all your questions will be answered fully by the developer.

Pingback Optimizer

Pingback Optimizer’s sample submission report.

Using Pingback Optimizer as a link building strategy is an ideal way to track your pingbacks, make sure they get indexed so the links count and boost the pingbacks themselves. Pingback Optimizer will increase the indexing rate of your backlinks, make your pingbacks more powerful, will auto-submit the pingback feed to the RSS directories and is a completely hands off system, once it is set up.

With Pingback Optimizer you save precious time that you would normally spend building links and cuts costs on outsourcing because the plugin does all the work for you, all day, every day of the year. It will turbo charge your rankings in the top three search engines and dramatically increase the effectiveness of your backlink building program.

At Melbourne SEO Services we have tested Pingback Optimizer and have found that our content and links get indexed quickly and this sometimes results in quick rankings for long tail keywords. However, we have also found we need to supplement this with further link building to help these rankings stick. You do need a variety of links to get your sites ranking well permanently in the search engines, so Pingback Optimizer should not be the only method you use.

Nevertheless, it is a good component to have in your arsenal of link building methods. With their sixty day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. If you are not happy with the product for any reason, within sixty days of purchase, you can claim a 100% refund. Click the link below to find out how to get started.

Pingback Optimizer

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