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Your business should act as a funnel. Your customers enter at the top at your website and then your design, autoresponders, videos, and sales copy allow them to slide all the way down and come out the end as satisfied customers. All you have to do is ensure that they get to the top of that funnel.

Things which will already be pulling customers to your site are Google Maps, search engine optimization and social media. Your final step is to multiply that traffic and position yourself as an expert at the same time. Perhaps you shy away from attention, and don’t like to think of yourself as an expert or ‘guru’. However, you should pay attention to what I am about to explain, as one success story here can have a huge impact on your business and ultimately your bank account.

As you have probably gathered from the heading of this post, this is all about press releases. You may have heard that a press release marketing is a way to get links to your website; however, that is not the main reason you should be writing and distributing them.

When you write a press release, your aim is to get noticed by a reporter who will then create a story about you and your business to be reported in the newspaper, in magazines or on TV. This is great free publicity for you and also creates the sort of ‘Halo Effect’ we talked about before. If you are being seen as worthy of a story in the media, this creates an aura around you which positions you as someone who has authority in your niche.

Once you are picked up by a reporter, you needn’t fear having your face spread over every news broadcast in the country. That kind of national coverage is quite rare. What you will experience is an editorial in an industry publication or some local newspaper or radio coverage. If that level of exposure worries you, you can always have one of your employees or a business partner become the face of your business.

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