It’s no joke when it comes to producing viral content. It’s serious business. Not! This is the one area of your business where you can really let your hair down and, god forbid, have some fun.

We live in a society where most people know the tricks of the marketing trade. It’s pretty hard to fool anybody these days, so the old-school methods of advertising are seen as out-of-date and out-of-touch with today’s “YouTube” society. Transparency is key in the online marketing world and valuing your audience’s time is a very important step to producing viral content that engages, entertains and informs your target market.

The aim of the game is to create content that your target audience would want to watch regardless of whether or not it was branded by your business. Entertainment, these days, outweighs information. Just look at all the crap on Youtube with 20 million views a pop. The point is to create an entertaining video to convey your message. If it’s not entertaining, chances are, people will not watch it.

Producing viral content is the future of marketing. So go ahead, have some fun with it!

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