I wanted to share an interview I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks about the importance of having a product launch strategy. One of my early business coaches (yes, even I get coaching) recently ran his first product launch. Since this is one of my core skills, I was lucky enough to give him a few pointers here and there – and now that the dust has settled I thought it’d be great to get him to talk through the launch. Don’t get me wrong – I only offered a few tweaks – this guy had it covered.

Anyway, listen in to this interview with Casey Gollan and remember to ask yourself “how can I apply these strategies in my business?”

Download it here.

And while it’s downloading, here’s the news I spotted this week:

How Google is Killing Organic Search {scary but true}

Google Warning External Keyword Tool Shut Down, AdWords Keyword Planner To Replace It

Better Than Link Building: Authority Building With Haro {love this tool}

18 Killer Ways to Make Your e-Commerce Website SEO Friendly

100 Conversion Optimization Case Studies {love it}

We’re sponsoring Mars One {a sneaky way to get quality links}

Voices of 2013: Melbourne Masterclass {I was speaking at this event}


How about our news?

1. Did you know I did a surprise song for my bride on the night of our wedding? An Adam Sandler classic no less. Best of all, I got it recorded and I’ve posted it here:

2. We’ve released a new showreel video for Melbourne Video Production. Watch it now and let me know what you think: www.melbournevideoproduction.com.au

I’m curious, how do you showcase past work you’ve done?

3. We’ve recently published the original SEO Method Version 1 for free on YouTube. Yup 100% free. Watch it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GHRXXpns3w

Now… let’s get down to business!

Your SEO Coach & Wedding Singer,


Also, I’m trying to impress my wife with the number of views we get on our song so be sure to share it around. Heck we’re even going to write a press release to see if we can get Adam Sandler’s attention. What can I say, I’m a marketer at heart:

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