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Video Transcript: So how do you actually create videos? There are a whole lot of different video ideas here. You can do live video like we’re doing now. You can do screen recordings, you can do Keynotes presentations, you can do animations, you can do slide shows. I’ve got there ideas for generating content and promotional video ideas to market your small business, you can run workshops, you can do interviews, you can do tutorials, you can do q & as with people, you can do reviews, you can do parodies. There are so many ways to do it, you just need to get started and try a few.

I wanted to show you one. We did a parody and other funny video ideas. This is with Adrian. Has everyone seen the Old Spice ad? Do you know the Old Spice ad? He says, Hello, ladies, look at your man, now back at me, now look at your man. Have you not seen that one? I should show you the original one before I show you mine otherwise you’ll think I’m a bit strange more than you already do. (video)

That video went absolutely crazy for them. They got over 34,000,000 views on that, it went viral. It’s something that they’ve said has just about and reinvigorated Old Spice. They were struggling, people used to see them as an old man deodorant and that, along with their follow up campaign, was really something that bought their company back to life.

So with that in mind and I said, sometimes we like to have some fun at the office, we thought we’d create our Old Spice version. So we did a get serious about SEO man, this is an Old Spice parody. (video) I mean you can just come up with little ideas like that for your internet marketing video. That one, I don’t know, I think it took an afternoon. I think we’ve got, I don’t know, 4,500 views on it. We’ve had quite a lot of people re tweet it. It was just like one of those little good fun things like that you saw when I did the Google versus yellow Pages. Doing that type of thing really positions you as the market leader.

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