Come on, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

In order to get your website ranked, it may have crossed you mind that reciprocal linking is the way to go. If you haven’t heard of the term, put simply, reciprocal linking is the old you link to me and then I’ll link to you strategy.

Even though I do believe that the algorithm is picking up reciprocal links and discounting them, that’s not to say they’re bad. Some links are always better than none!

There are two types of reciprocal links. The first type of reciprocal link is those for directories. You might even have seen these before? Have you got an email saying, “We’ve listed you in our directory, here’s the link to your listing and in order to keep your listing active, please link back to us.”

Unfortunately those types of links are on pages where you’re one of a hundred different outbound links on a page and, as such, these are very low quality links. Accordingly, I pay no attention to these requests, and don’t think they’re worth the time or the effort.

The second type of reciprocal link is the one with a high quality blog or quality site. In these situations I would be happy to do a reciprocal link especially if I had an existing relationship with the webmaster! I say “if I had an existing relationship” because these link exchanges can often be more trouble than they’re worth and there are many other much better ways to get effective links.

The best type of reciprocal link is one that just happens because of the relationship you’re building and when I’m posting someone’s content or they’re posting mine.

And of course, the very best type of links to go for are one-way links. This is why article marketing and blog marketing work so well. They’re an excellent source of one-way back links.

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