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Video Transcript: So the real key for recording is just make sure you speak to the camera. Again, just imagine your avatar, Garry, on the other side of that camera and talk to them like you would talk to a friend. That’s the best thing to do. Don’t read from a script.

How canned is it when you get one of those telephone calls from a telemarketer from one of those call centres over in some offshore country where it feels like they’re reading the script for you? It feels like you have to take a shower afterwards.

Have your bullet points planned out when you plan to record live video. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t script things. You should definitely make sure that everything is scripted. Everything that I do online now I’ve planned out the script. But you work on a script until it doesn’t feel like a script. Now some people say, yes, scripts, do I really want do a script because I don’t want it to sound like a business video script. It comes down to the way that you read it. Everything is written on a script.

You know that scene in Braveheart when he’s riding around on horseback and he’s making the speech to the guys just before they go into this big battle? I don’t think he just winged that. He didn’t just hop on the horse and then ride over there and Mel Gibson gives this amazing speech. Or ‘Greed’ for lack of a better word from Wall Street, that amazing speech. They don’t wing it, that’s all written, pre scripted and it might not look scripted because that’s just what happens when you practise a script over and over, you get really good at delivering it.

Don’t be Danoz Direct as well. I have done that a little bit in the past. Sometimes it might sound like I’m selling. I’m a shameless small business online marketing seller. If I’ve got good material I’m going to get up and try and sell it. The US, when the big sales guys come over, they’re selling workshops and things like that, they lay it on really thick. Australians, we seem to spot that a mile away. It’s like our rubbish detector is so highly tuned compared to so many other people around the world, we can spot that sort of rubbish straight away. So you want to try and be as real as possible.

The other thing as well, when you watch some of my videos, it might feel like I’ve just done a fifteen minute video, particularly the ones when I’m standing in my internet marketing studio. It might feel like I’ve done it in one take. But the tricks of the trade are you zoom in and you zoom out on the different breaks. So I might record one minute and then I’ll read the next little bit of my script and then I’ll read the next minute. When you watch it though, you’ll see the first minute, then it will pop into my head and that will be a new video. It won’t feel like it for you.

Then I’ll record the next little bit and then it will pop back out and then I’ll record. That’s how you can create something that looks long and engaging because it is changing but it also means that I don’t need to be amazing and learn this thing off by heart exactly step by step, along with the use of helpful online marketing tools.

So that’s about it on why and how to record live video for your business. If you want professional help with your online business, I suggest you take a look at my Internet marketing consulting service. Just click here.

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