Ready for another issue of Small Business Internet Marketing Weekly? Here’s more news and helpful links for small/medium sized business owners. We scour the internet to keep you on top of what’s important to you and your business.

Here’s what we’ve spotted this week:

1. Lessons leaned by over optimising your website – real world insights

2. The new SEO process – a long but good recap of solid SEO

3. Buying links vs. buying blogs – this sparked some healthy debate

4. 4 SEO trends to watch in 2012 – I’d have to agree on the most part

5. 40 billion videos watched in the US last month – wow wow

6. Turn customer faqs into video – we’ve been saying this for ages

7. Google+ primer for retail brands – some good tips here

8. What I learned reading over 200 books – very cool snapshot

And did you listen to the interview I did with Jeff Johnson yet? I’m getting some awesome feedback on it:


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Oh, and if you’re in the mood for MP3s… try this one too:


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