Whoops! We’re a day late for the SBIM Weekly! It was a public holiday here in Melbourne, Australia and we weren’t in the office to get this one out yesterday – hope you don’t mind.

Here’s what’s news this week:

1. Search engine ranking factors – a fantastic article to help you understand Google

2. How to get dropped rankings back – it’s easy once you know how 😉

3. Our PingBack Optimizer review – a great WordPress plugin to get you more backlinks

4. 7 essential pages for a small business website – do you have these?

5. Video marketing tip – know your customer’s pain and add a good call to action

6. YouTube case study: Orabrush – how can you model this in your biz?

7. Optimizing the YouTube thumbnail – it’s quick and easy but has a big impact

Did I miss anything? What did you see this week?

By the way, I just returned from an internet marketing conference over the long weekend and I’ll be sharing some interviews I recorded – keep an eye out for that.

Also, have you watched the Competition Crusher workshop yet? We’re getting some amazing feedback – a couple of the comments even made me blush. Click here to check it out.

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