Here is another post of the Small Business Internet Marketing Weekly where we summarise news and helpful links for small/medium sized business owners.

So what caught our eye this week? If you are into SEO and web marketing you definitely need to read these:


User engagement in G+ low? {true but Google isn’t letting it go}

How much is too much anchor text optimisation? {good insight}

Super super smart marketing for a local dentist {watch the video}

Google acquires Motorola {the mobile web is huge – take note}

Majestic announces new link metrics {we’ve been using this service lots lately}

Scammy SEO company {reminder to work with quality providers}

Next level computer interaction {Minority Report style computing – coming soon}

Matt Cutts video parody {I laughed out loud with this one but I’m an SEO geek}

Panda & Penguin corner

Panda/Penguin Case Study {Dori has some good insights}

The Double Dip Recession {a little over the top but…}

Power of SEO Press Releases Following google Penguin/Panda Shake Up


And what’s news in our corner? Well I’ve just released a new report + video all about using web video.

I’m trying to decide if I should give it away or sell it. Either way, you can grab it for free now if you’re quick: www.melbournevideoproduction.com.au/video/ – take a look and let me know what you think.

Not too sure where to get started?

Click here to book your Magnetic Marketing Plan (MMP) with our CEO.

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