Don’t rest on your laurels.

Is SEO something you can do once, and once you have done it, you don’t have to think about it again? The simple and short answer is, “no”.

Remembering there’s two components to an SEO program – onpage and offpage. Onpage is all about having the right keyword in the right places on your site while off page optimization is all about building backlinks.

It’s true we’re looking to replicate what happens naturally as a site gains momentum and SEO will start to happen naturally, once you start to hit critical mass. However, you still need to get to that point and, even when you do, SEO needs to be an ongoing process. You always need to be clear on what keywords you’re optimising for and ensuring they’re on your website. This is a true SEO best practice.

Here at Melbourne SEO Services, we have taken things to the next level – we’re constantly jumping into Google Analytics and revisiting a site’s metrics.

We’re looking to find the top referring keywords to a website and then, using some rank tracking software, we want to find where we’re currently ranking for those keywords. If we’re not in position #1, yet the keyword is referring traffic, we make that our focus and send links to those specific keywords.

We only work on ten keywords at any point in time and then we just rinse and repeat every month.

So is an SEO program a one time activity? Unfortunately, no, you do need to keep doing it. If you want to leave it to the SEO experts, so you can focus on building your business, give us a call. Melbourne SEO Services will take you a notch higher.

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