2012 has been a great year for us!

2012 has been a great year for us!

We’re into the final 100 meters and the holidays are almost here!

So how was this year for your business? Was it good? I hope it was so we can all have a truly merry Christmas. But in our business, internet marketing that is, a lot of things have changed. For instance there are SEO changes which all small biz owners should know and act upon. That and there are other interesting updates I gathered from around the web.

Let’s get to it – this is what I spotted over the past couple of weeks:


How SEO has changed in 2012 {pretty cool info graphic}

The rise and fall of blog networks {if you haven’t listened yet}

How many messages did Google send about unnatural links {interesting}

After Panda and Penguin, is Google living up to its great expectations? {things are same, same but different}

Google Zeitgeist 2012 {fun recap of 2012}

Remarketing with Google Analytics {everyone needs this}

Google display network mindmap {WebSavvy team = good at Adwords}

Are you providing answers to magic questions? {love it}

YouTube shows are about to be shown on Virgin flights {the future}


And news for us?

#1. Pete and I are about to open up round two of our Outsourcing Done With Your Program – the exclusive coaching club where Pete and I help you hire, training and systematise your business. It’s limited to 7 people (and 3 spots have already been filled) so if you’re keen, please indicate your interest and I can send you more details.

#2. Head office will be closed between the 25th December to 6th of January. During this time, existing client work will continue and there will be basic email support but new client and phone support staff will be on holidays.

#3. Let me take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the holidays and new year. Looking back, this year has been one of our biggest and I wanted to thank you for all your support throughout the year.

As you might have realised, I really do care for the clients – that includes you! So, enjoy the time off (if you’ve got any) and let’s work even more closely in 2013.

Your SEO Coach,


Ps. The SEO Method 3 launches 15th Jan 2013 – stay tuned! You’ll want this, trust me 🙂

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